Build a Salad and We'll Tell You What Age You'll Live To!

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Are you overwhelmed by the choices at the salad bar or do you feel right at home? The things you choose to pile on top of your salad can tell us a lot of things about you. Most importantly, the way you make a salad can tell you how long you will live. 

As we build a salad together, you will be asked to choose everything from your lettuce type to your dressing to the kind of bowl you would need. Your ultimate salad is entirely up to you, but we promise to present a salad spread like you've never seen before. You will be so hungry by the time you finish finding out your life expectancy that you might blow your diet with just a little too much extra cheese. 

While we love to think of salads as being the healthiest of meal choices, you must make very wise choices to make it into your 90s! Loads of bacon bits and a few extra spoonfuls of dressing might not help you get there. Though, a few chia seeds and a couple of raisins might keep you on track. 

If you've wanted to know how long you'll make it, toss a salad with us! We'll let you know.

How big is your salad bowl?

What kind of lettuce would you start with?

How many croutons should your salad have?

Which protein would you add?

Which fruit might you top your salad with?

Which kind of dressing do you like most?

What type of cheese do you like most on a salad?

Would you add sunflower seeds?

Does your salad contain any kale?

Do you prefer heirloom tomatoes or cherry tomatoes on your salads?

Would you add any cucumber slices?

Do black beans have a place on your salad?

Which fast food restaurant makes the best salads?

Which type of pepper would make it on your salad?

Would your salad contain any avocado?

How would you add crunch to your salad?

Which classic salad would your customized salad resemble most?

Do you like corn in your salads?

Would you prefer ham, turkey, or chicken on your salad?

What time of day do you usually eat salads?

Do you like onions on your salad?

Would your salad be a tossed salad or a chopped salad?

Do you mix in your dressing or drizzle it on top?

Would you add broccoli or cauliflower?

Would you add green or black olives?

Would you have crackers or bread on the side?

How healthy would your salad rank?

Would you dress your salad up with any artichoke hearts?

Would you squeeze a lemon over your salad?

Which unexpected topping would you add for fun?

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