Build a Salad and We'll Guess Where in Canada You Live

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It's hard to give a definite answer about how many kinds of salad there might be in the world. If you add steak to a Caesar salad, is it still a Caesar salad or something new? If your Cobb salad is made with arugula, is it the same thing any more? Does tuna salad count as a salad or does it mean something else? There's more to consider than you might at first think. 

Maybe in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter if you want scallions in your coleslaw, but what it can do is offer some insight into who you are as a person. Your likes and dislikes offer up more information than most of us realize. Not just about the basics of your personality but your whole life experience. 

For instance, we're pretty sure that when you tell us some of what you like and don't like in a salad, we can use that information to determine something like where you come from in Canada. It's all about the subtle clues and varying tastes one develops throughout their life. Want to see if we can get it right? Grab your salad bowl and give the quiz a try!

What's your go-to salad when you're in a hurry and just want something quick?

Texture is important in a good salad. What do you like to give your salad a little crunch?

You can build a salad out of nearly anything. What's your preferred base?

What's your opinion on pre-made salad kits from the grocery store?

Do you want any cucumber in your salad?

Do you like a salad that includes tomatoes?

What's your opinion on a salad that includes chicken?

What's the best salad made with hard-boiled eggs?

Not every salad has to be savory. Which of these sweet salads do you prefer?

What kind of beans make the best bean salad?

Even if you don't like fruit salad, fruit finds its way into regular salads all the time. Which fruit do you like in yours?

If you're in the market for a creamy salad dressing, what are you reaching for?

Suppose you're looking to give your salad some Asian flair. What will you add?

Is there a fresh herb that you feel really gives a salad a boost?

A plain green salad can be fine, but what will you add for a splash of color?

What are your thoughts on seafood salad?

If you're heading to some kind of potluck dinner in the summer, what salad are you hoping to see?

What's your least favorite kind of salad in the world?

There are hundreds of salad dressings out there. What's your least favorite?

Are you down with having a salad as a whole meal or just on the side?

Not every veggie belongs in a salad. What's your least favorite vegetable to find in your bowl?

What kind of meat is best in a salad?

Are there any non-traditional items you like to toss into your salad now and then?

Salad is a pretty international affair. What part of the world makes the tastiest salads in your opinion?

You can make a "salad sandwich" out of all kinds of things, and the word salad is right there so it counts. What's your favorite kind?

What do you think about warm salads?

You don't have to serve a salad in a regular bowl when there are plenty of edible bowls in the world. What's the best kind?

Are you in the mood for a slaw? Which of these would you pick?

Which is the better kind of salad - chopped or tossed?

Lots of dressings are made with fruit. What's the best fruit base for a salad dressing?

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