Build a Perfect Poke Bowl and We'll Guess Your Age

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

A poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish that consists of protein, veggies, sauces and a base (which may include noodles, rice and/or mixed greens). All of these ingredients are piled together into one big bowl, which means a big bite of flavors and textures. While you don't have to be a chef to take this tasty quiz, we are curious about how you build certain types of flavors together.

Maybe you're the type of person who prefers sweet ingredients. If that's the case, then your poke bowl may consist of corn kernels, mangoes, tomatoes or pineapples. There are also sweet types of dressings you can add, such as sweet chili sauce or balsamic-honey dressing. Or maybe you prefer sophisticated ingredients, such as wasabi shoyu, seaweed salad or furikake (which is a type of Japanese seasoning). Those who love spicy flavors will also love toppings like wasabi, jalapeño peppers, spicy mayo and red pepper flakes. But did you know that your palate changes as you age? As you grow and taste new types of foods, you begin to learn about different flavors and textures. And that's exactly what we're going to learn more about in this yummy poke bowl quiz: your current age!

How big is this poke bowl going to be?

How spicy will this poke bowl be?

What type of fish will you use?

Which of these would you like: white or brown rice?

Would you like any ginger or wasabi on the side?

How about some arugula or mixed greens on top?

Would you like to add a premium topping?

What type of yummy sauce would you like to add?

What kind of drink would you like on the side?

Which of these do you not want on your poke bowl?

How about some herbs for a fresh bite?

Would you like some fish eggs on your poke bowl?

How much rice wine vinegar would you like on your poke bowl?

How many scoops of protein would you like?

What kind of crunchy topping would you like to add?

Would you like to add an exotic ingredient to your poke bowl?

What kind of soup would you like on the side?

What type of citrus element would you like?

Would you like to try a vegetarian poke bowl instead?

Which of these flavorful edamame would you like to add?

What type of seasoning would you like to add on top?

Would you like to make a poke burrito instead?

Are you going to finish your poke bowl in one sitting?

What special request would you like to tell the chef?

Would you like some eggs in your poke bowl?

Would you rather eat bean sprouts or microgreens?

How about some chilled noodles to munch on?

What utensils will you use to eat this poke bowl?

Which of these random ingredients would you like to add?

How about some tasty mushrooms for a savory bite?

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