Build a Library and We'll Guess Which Historical Woman You Are

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Have you ever walked into a library and just felt speechless? It can happen when you least expect it and completely change your outlook on things. Libraries themselves are special because they hold the written word of hundreds of authors, educational materials and a little something for the kids, too. University libraries, especially the really old ones, not only speak through leather-bound books but also through the architecture that houses them. It seems like a lot of care was put into the design and construction of these buildings. And rightfully so! People go to a library like they go to Church. They're looking for answers, entertainment and a way to feel connected to something bigger than themselves. 

Countless historical women took full advantage of libraries and used what sat inside of them to change the world. You walk into a library either knowing exactly what you're looking for or stumbling upon something you never knew you needed, just like those women did. Maybe Marie Curie walked into the library and found a text to help explain an issue she was having with radioactivity. Who's to say she didn't? Want to know which historical woman you are? Build a library, and we'll guess!

What kind of location are you building this library in?

Do you have a particular building material in mind?

Have you always pictured your dream library with a lot of windows?

Who will be able to come to your library?

What special outdoor feature will your library have?

Will you carry all different kinds of books?

How many floors is ideal for your library?

What do you want the goal of your library to be?

Which existing library inspired the construction of your library?

Where will you buy the furniture for people to sit on at your library?

What kind of treats will you offer your library guests?

Are you hiring a full team to help bring your library dream a reality?

Do you have a budget for your building?

Which design scheme are you going for on the inside?

How will you display all the books?

Will you host any classes at your library?

Are you stepping into the future of technology and offering computers for visitors?

What special features will the walls of your library hold?

Will you encourage people to stick around for a while?

How will you ensure your library never goes out of style?

Will you take book donations from those in the neighborhood?

Every good library has a "wow" factor. What will yours be?

Do you like the idea of hosting a movie night every week?

Will you try to match the style of the library to the style of the other buildings in the area?

What will you do to grow your book collection?

How will you choose who works at your library?

On the grounds of the library, what kinds of events will you have?

What will the parking situation be?

Will the library be geared towards a certain age group?

How will you handle late returns?

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