Build a Garden and We'll Tell You What US State You Should Move To

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There are 50 states in the U.S., but only New Jersey is the garden state. Still, that doesn't mean it has better gardens than the other 49 (unless you're from there, in which case, of course it does). 

America is a very big place, and the states are in different latitudes and time zones. They're also at varying altitudes, often going to sea level to as high as 14,000 feet within a single state. This means that there are plenty of ways to garden in the US of A. You can have a big sprawling lawn that needs loads of water, shaded by broad-leafed deciduous trees, where the fireflies twinkle on a summer evening and the cicadas will sing you to sleep. 

You can have a hot and humid tropical paradise where parrots and mosquitoes alike mingle amid palms and vivid flowers. You can have a desert garden full of spiky and often hilarious-looking cacti. You can have a mountain garden where the pine trees smell simply divine all year round and the air is cool and fragrant.

A garden is a haven, and it's essential that you have the one your lifestyle warrants. That means it's a factor in where you ought to live. So tell us all about your dream garden, and we'll point you to the statein which you are most likely to find it!

Do you have a lawn?

Do you mind installing an irrigation system?

What sort of trees do you like?

How would you cook in your garden?

Do you want to sled in your garden?

How will you make sure it's not too hot for doggie paws or kids' bare feet?

What sort of birds do you want to come to your bird feeder?

What sort of swimming pool will you have?

What non-swimming water feature will you have?

What kind of flowerbeds will you have?

What sort of fence or barrier do you have?

Where is the garden, in relation to the house?

How much maintenance will the garden require?

Is there a patio?

Do you prefer flat or hilly?

What larger wildlife might just wander in someday?

What sound do you hear from your garden?

What would you never see in your garden?

What do you have for shade?

What view can you see from your garden?

How much value does your garden add to the house?

How traditional is your garden?

What sort of birdhouse do you have?

What time of day will your garden be its loveliest?

Will your garden be usable all year?

Who is definitely not invited to your garden?

Will you show off your garden or only use it as your haven?

What is the most dangerous thing in your garden?

What is your swing set made of?

Is your garden organic?

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