Build a Dating Profile and We'll Tell You When You'll Find True Love

By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Even for those with lots of experience, creating a dating profile can be confusing and at times even a bit terrifying.  If you have ever been a part of the world of online dating, then you know just how important your profile is, and you also know how hard it is to do one right. 

What are you really trying to do when it comes to meeting someone online?  The words you choose matter. You don't want to sound conceited, but you also don't want to look desperate. You are not only trying to find someone who is interested in what you have to say on your profile, but you also want that person to be still interested in you if you meet. 

If you are looking for someone for a quick hook up, then you don't want to meet someone that has a longterm relationship on their mind, and if you are trying to find the love of your life, you don't want to meet someone who is just looking for a fling.

In fact, how you put together your dating profile clues a lot of people into whether or not you are looking for true love and also if you are ready for it. So what do you think? Are you ready for wedding bells, or just into having fun? Take this quiz to find out.

Did you spend a lot of time asking your friends for help with your profile?

How many photos do you have on your profile?

How do you try and look in your photo?

Are any of your photos mirror selfies?

How much skin do you show in your photos?

Do some of your photos have a mess in the background?

Do you have photos up of you and other people?

How many photos are of you doing something active?

Do you ever mention past relationships in your profile?

Do you try and say things that are sexy?

Do you brag on yourself?

Do you mention cliches like walking on the beach or fireplaces?

Do you talk about how you can't believe you are online dating?

Do you set the bar really high as to what you are looking for in your profile?

Do you talk about previous bad experiences while meeting people online?

Do you say that you are looking for "the one"?

Do you talk about how much you like to party?

Do you say that you "Live life to the fullest?"

What would you say your perfect first date would be?

Do you say that you "work hard and play hard?"

Do you ever ask questions in your profile that might make someone think?

Do you spend a lot of time talking about your interests?

Do you talk about your political views?

Is your smile genuine in your main photo?

Be honest, do you throw in an occasional duck face?

Do you ever say things that aren't quite true in your profile?

How often do you update your profile?

Would you ever use a flattering photo of yourself even if it was out of date?

Would you ever mention any imperfections that you feel you have?

Would you ever put up a profile without a photo?

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