Build a Castle and We'll Tell You Which European City You Belong In

Zoe Samuel

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While there are not that many castles in the USA, Europe is positively lousy with one. Design yours, and we'll let you know where you should put it, so you can rule over the appropriate local populace.

Do you love tradition?

What feature is important to you?

How do you feel about opera?

What do you want to see out the window?

Does it keep out the damp?

How thick are the walls?

Where will you entertain?

How defensible is it?

What's the water supply like?

What are the windows like?

What architectural style do you appreciate?

What enemy will you keep out?

Who will you invite in?

How long could it hold out against a siege?

What anti-intruder trick might you have?

Do you mind if it is not very inviting from the outside?

Is your castle limited by anything but your imagination?

Is it in the country or the town?

What stone is your castle made of?

What's the garden like?

Does it have a moat?

Does it have a drawbridge or portcullis?

Is there a dungeon?

What's the plumbing situation?

Could you install Wi-Fi if you had to?

How long will your castle stand without major repairs?

How luxurious is the interior?

How much of a fairytale is it?

Which princess do you think would live in it?

What sort of roof does it have?

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