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If you're planning on a night of slaying vampires, you'd better know your enemy. This quiz will put your knowledge of the vampires of the Buffyverse to the test. Every time you get a question wrong, imagine Giles looking down at you disapprovingly.

How does a vampire create a new vampire?

To "sire" a new vampire, a vamp has to drain a human of blood almost to the point of death, then let the human drink some of his blood.


What happens when a human becomes a vampire?

Vampires are hybrids created when demons inhabit human bodies, taking on some of the human's personality traits (or, in many cases, inverting those traits).


What do nonvampire demons think of vampires?

Demons deride vampires for being hybrid human/demons and not pure demons.


What vampire sires Harmony?

Harmony becomes a vampire during the battle to defeat Mayor Wilkins when one of his minions sires her.


What was Spike's name before he became a vampire?

Spike was formerly a poet named William Pratt.


What kind of blood can vampires drink to sustain themselves?

Vampires need mammal blood, though they seem to prefer human blood.


What are the Turok-Han?

The Turok-Han are bestial, primitive vampires often referred to as ubervamps.


What traditional vampire vulnerability do Turok-Han vampires NOT have?

Turok-Han die in sunlight, and though they're difficult to stake, it still kills them if you manage it. Crucifixes and holy water have little to no effect on them, however.


What is the term for the race of ancient demons that created the first vampires?

The Old Ones Maloker and Archaeus started various powerful vampire bloodlines.


True or false: Buffy slays Dracula himself.

Despite his fame and power, Buffy knows how to defeat Dracula because she's seen the movie. (Technically Dracula survives his staking, but he definitely got beat by Buffy.)


What ability does Drusilla have that most vampires do NOT?

Drusilla had psychic powers as a human and retained them after Angelus turned her into a vampire.


What is the name of the slayer Drusilla killed?

When Kendra arrives as the new slayer after Buffy "dies" for the first time, Drusilla slices Kendra's throat open.


What is the Night of Saint Vigeous?

The Night of Saint Vigeous is like vampire Halloween.


What is the name of the vampire religious order that worships the Old Ones?

The Order of Aurelius is headed by the Master and devoted to worship of the Old Ones.


Which vampire is the first to kill Buffy?

The Master kills Buffy, though she's resuscitated by her friends. Her temporary death causes whatever forces keep track of slayers to summon a new slayer.


Which of these vampires is NOT a member of the Master's bloodline?

Darla and the somewhat obscure Sheila Martini can trace their vampiric bloodlines back to the Master. Harmony can't.


How is the resurrection of the Master prevented?

The consecrated ground thing didn't really work, so Buffy crushed his bones to dust.


What was Angel/Angelus' name when he was a human?

Angel was a dissolute Irishman named Liam.


Who is Angel's sire?

Darla made Angel a vampire.


Why are vampires psychically connected to their sires and progeny?

Vampires are connected to their sires and minions as well as the original creator of their bloodline because they have a fragment of the bloodline's essence.


What happens when a vampire drinks slayer blood?

Slayer blood is like a vampire energy drink.


What did Darla, Angelus, Drusilla and Spike call themselves when they marauded around Europe together?

The Whirlwind was feared throughout Europe for its brutality.


What is the name of the clever vampire who works as a "fixer" for Kakistos and Mayor Wilkins?

Although he most often served as a minion of a greater power before Faith killed him, Mr. Trick had his own schemes.


How many slayers has Spike killed?

Spike is renowned among vampires and the Watchers Council for having killed two slayers.


What happens when a werewolf bites a vampire?

Vampires are immune to lycanthropy (but not immune to getting ticked off when someone bites them).


What is the primary result of a vampire gaining a soul?

When Angel is cursed with a soul, he suffers remorse for his brutal acts as an evil vampire.


Who cursed Angel and gave him his soul?

The Kalderash clan cursed Angel after he killed one of their daughters.


Can vampires get drunk?

Vampires seem to have some kind of functioning circulatory system, which can carry alcohol to the brain and, indeed, make them drunk. Spike wasn't faking all those times.


What happens to a vampire's body when it's staked?

Buffy and friends refer to staking vampires as "dusting" them.


What effect does the Gem of Amara have on vampires?

The Gem of Amara lets vamps walk in the sun, survive staking, eat garlic and so forth.


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