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Dentistry should be a pain in your mouth, not a pain in your wallet. Are you savvy enough to find good dental care at a good price? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

What is a common annual maximum that a dental insurance plan will pay for your care?

While plan caps vary, $1,200 is in the ballpark of the max you should expect your plan to pay -- far below the cost of some specialized procedures.


What is a common monthly premium for adult dental insurance?

The answer is $50, which means $600 in the course of a year. Considering that you're likely to still pay for half of your care, paying for personal dental insurance is rarely a worthwhile investment.


Who said, "Happiness is having your dentist tell you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill"?

Johnny Carson was responsible for this quote. He also said, "Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do." But that's beside the point.


The American Dental Association recommends you visit your dentist how often?

Every six months will do. Like taking care of your car, don't wait 'til your teeth break down to take care of them.


The American Dental Association recommends that people brush their teeth how many times a day?

Twice a day. But remember, that's a minimum.


Which of the following is not a coupon site on which you might find dentistry discounts?

DenPons doesn't exist. But daily deals on sites like Groupon might include a dental coupon once in a blue moon. And coupon clearing houses like Google Offers have coupons for cleanings every day.


Which of the following would a health savings account be most unlikely to pay for?

Tax deductible health savings accounts (HSAs) rarely cover cosmetic procedures.


A dental discount plan is most like which of the following?

Joining a dental discount plan is like opting into a box store membership, and can offer savings in the neighborhood of 20 to 50 percent.


A CNN Money Magazine survey found that what percent of those surveyed had tried to negotiate a price with a dentist?

Only 10 percent of people polled had tried to negotiate price with their dentists.


Of these people who tried to negotiate price with a dentist, about what percent were successful?

Exactly 64 percent of people who tried to negotiate price with a dentist were successful.


What is one useful way to maximize dental insurance?

Asking to complete dental care in stages may allow you to split the cost across two calendar years, thus using two years' maximum insurance payouts.


Where would you be likely to find basic dental care that charges according to a sliding scale based on your income?

Government- and donation-funded community health centers offer basic dental care for qualifying adults and kids.


Where would you be likely to find the cheapest basic cleaning, irrespective of your income?

Dental hygienists need practice, and if all you need is a cleaning, a dental hygiene school is likely your cheapest option.


Where would you likely find free, cutting-edge care for a few specific conditions?

At you can find open clinical trials for a range of dental conditions.


Where would you be likely to find inexpensive dental care for all sorts of problems, irrespective of income?

At dental schools, students perform a range of dental services at reduced prices, all with supervision by qualified instructors.


What is NOT a likely drawback to dental care at a community health clinic?

Dentists at community health clinics are generally as qualified as dentists in private practice.


Which is a likely challenge to participating in a dental clinical trial?

Dental clinical trials test new, promising procedures, usually in a university or dental school setting, but only for specific problems.


Employer-sponsored dental insurance usually covers cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by any insurance.


Which of the following is not a cosmetic dental procedure?

Technically a dental implant usually refers to a titanium "root" inserted as a base for replacement teeth.


Like health insurance, if your employer doesn't sponsor dental insurance, it's usually a good buy to purchase a plan yourself.

In most cases, the numbers just don't add up in favor of personal dental insurance.


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