Quiz: Quiz: Brighten Up Your House for Spring
Quiz: Brighten Up Your House for Spring
By: Staff
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When spring rolls around, it's natural to want to put the cold days of winter behind us. But changing the entire look of your house each season can be expensive. Take this quiz about brightening your house for spring without breaking your bank account.

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What colors are considered quiet and calming, and thus work well for winter, not spring?
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What should you mix with water to create an effective and non-toxic window cleaner?
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What should you do with unused canned food in the spring?
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In addition to cleaning the ashes out of your fireplace, how can you give it a spring-like feel?
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What types of floor coverings work well for spring?
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When should you plant a cutting garden so you can have inexpensive flowers in the spring?
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What can you do to make sure you have flowers for a long period of time in the spring?
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What is considered the cheapest way to alter the look of a room's design?
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What is it called when you have a single wall that is a different color than the rest in a room?
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What is an inexpensive way to upgrade patio furniture that you've grown tired of?
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What can you do with your entryway to make an immediate spring-like impression?
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What type of window treatment is ideal for allowing more spring sunshine to light your bathroom?
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What should you replace heavy wintry curtains with for springtime?
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