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Boston is a bustling New England city that proudly displays its rich history along with being home to some of the world’s best universities and cultural attractions. A visitor to Boston will not find a lack of things to do including shopping, dining out, excellent entertainment and a healthy environment to relax in. Take our quiz to learn more about the city of Boston.

What significant historic event began in Boston?

The American Revolution was triggered by the protest known as the Boston Tea Party. The British parliament tried to recoup the cost of destroyed tea by shutting down Boston commerce until it was repaid, and the colonists rebelled by convening the First Continental Congress, leading to full revolution.


About how many colleges and universities are there in the Boston metropolitan area?

There are more than 100 colleges and universities in the Boston metropolitan area, which gives this city a definitely youthful vibe. Today Boston is no longer an old provincial capital but a cosmopolitan city with a unique New England charm.


What was unique about the geographic layout of the city of Boston?

Boston is almost entirely surrounded by water and joined to mainland Massachusetts by the isthmus of Roxbury Neck. Over the years, much marshland was filled in, expanding the connection to land significantly.


What is the area of Boston?

Boston comprises an area of 48 square miles (125 square kilometers), mainly consisting of gently rolling hills. Much land is dedicated to beautiful lush parks that take advantage of the abundance of water.


Which river bordering Boston separates the city from the city of Cambridge?

The Mystic River borders Boston to the north, and the Neponset River lies to the south. To the west, Boston is bordered by the Charles River, which separates Boston from the nearby city of Cambridge.


What part of Boston will a typical visitor pass through many times on a tour of this historic city?

Boston Common is where Boston begins for visitors, who will pass through the 50-acre park many times during their stay. Here you also will find Park Street Station, the hub of the subway system and the beginning of the Freedom Trail.


How many students attend Boston’s colleges when they are in session?

Neighborhoods can be very crowded during the school year, when more than 200,000 students flood the city to attend colleges. There are 20 distinctive neighborhoods in Boston such as the Waterfront, Downtown, North End, Chinatown, Back Bay and Beacon Hill.


What is the population of the Greater Boston metropolitan area?

The population of Greater Boston is 4.5 million, making it the tenth largest metropolitan area in the United States. The commuting area of Boston comprises a large portion of New England and has a combined population of 7.6 million people.


Boston is considered a safe city, but what areas should you avoid late at night?

Unless it is to attend a large public event, you should avoid Boston Common and the Public Garden. Chinatown and Downtown Crossing (red light district) should be avoided altogether and the North End or Waterfront Area are usually full of people, but still should be avoided very late at night.


What should you know about the weather in Boston when you plan to travel there?

New England weather is extremely changeable, even on a daily basis, with four distinct seasons. Humidity or breezy winds prevail, so even a warm temperature can feel quite cool or unbearably hot.


What is the best way to access every option of public transport, excluding taxis, when you arrive in Boston by air?

Your best bet is to use the free Massport shuttle bus service that runs between all airport terminals at the arrival levels, the airport subway station on the MBTA Blue Line, and the Water Transportation Terminal dock. The shuttles run often and give you easy access to every mode of public transportation into the city except for taxis, which are available outside the arrivals doors.


What is your best option for a fast trip to Boston proper that gets you close to the financial district hotels?

The MBTA Harbor Express offers a fast seven-minute trip from Logan Airport to the waterfront and is a good bet if you are staying in the financial district. The City Water Taxi is also a viable option, with a fee of $10 or $17 round trip per person from Logan to 15 different landing points. The boats are covered in the winter.


What is notable about guest parking fees at hotels in Boston?

Hotel parking is very expensive, costing anywhere from $30 to $50 per night for registered guests and public parking does not offer a better rate in most cases.


What is the project called that replaced the old elevated I-93 artery slicing through Boston with a modern underground highway?

The official name of the project is The Central Artery/Tunnel Project and it was affectionately dubbed The Big Dig by natives of Boston. This project, which is now in the final stages of completion, caused traffic headaches in the city for many years but everyone is satisfied with the results it produced.


Once the old highway I-93 was gone and cars traveled underground, how much park-like land was returned to the city?

The Big Dig project returned 300 acres of park-like land to the city and it reconnected downtown Boston to the waterfront.


What is one of many nicknames given to Boston that reveals a lot about its character?

Boston is often referred to as the Walking City because walking is really the best way to get around and most attractions are close to each other. However, there is a lot of cobblestone in the city, so make sure you have a sturdy pair of walking shoes.


What is the best method of transportation in downtown Boston once the bars close down between one and two a.m.?

Your best bet for transportation home after the bars close is a taxi, since public transportation stops at 12:45 a.m. Be aware that even taxis are hard to find on weekend nights due to partying college students.


How many aquatic creatures can be seen at the very popular New England Aquarium?

There are more than 8,000 aquatic creatures at the New England Aquarium and central to the aquarium is a four-story glass tank with a walkway that spirals around it. You can also venture out on the Aquariums Whale Watcher Tour, which takes you 25 miles away to Stellwagen Bank to see various whales feeding.


What is the name of the oldest commissioned warship in the world still sailing in the Boston harbor?

The USS Constitution was launched in 1797 after being built in Boston at Edward Hartt’s shipyard. The ship was engaged in a battle with the British 600 miles off the Boston coast, saved from the scrap yards in 1830, and is affectionately called Old Ironsides.


Where should you go to touch the toe of a certain statue that is considered an omen for good luck?

Tourists touch the left toe of the John Harvard statue in Harvard Yard for good luck and the foot shows a lot of wear because of this tradition. Beware, because Harvard students have their own special John Harvard statue tradition, which is urinating on the famous toe.


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