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Collagen is beauty's best kept secret. It prevents the signs of aging naturally! Take our quiz to learn how collagen can improve skin.

What role does collagen play in your skin?

Collagen is the skin's structural support.


True or false: Stimulating collagen production may help reverse the signs of aging.

True, stimulating collagen production in the deep layers of skin may help reverse signs of aging, although no cream will help you look 20 years old again.


What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein.


Which layer of skin does not contain collagen?

The epidermis, which is the surface of your skin, does not contain collagen.


What speeds up the breakdown of collagen?

Sun exposure speeds up the breakdown of collagen.


What benefits does your skin get from peptides?

Peptides boost the rate of collagen production.


Combining collagen supplements with what other supplement prevents joint and arthritis problems?

Combine collagen supplements with glucosamine or chondrotin to gain benefits against joint and arthritis problems.


Which is commonly used in soft tissue filler injections?

Often the thing that's used to plump your face and erase fine lines and wrinkles is your own fat, donated from another part of your body.


Which food may help increase your body's collagen levels?

Gelatin, either by eating snacks such as Jell-O or taking gelatine or gelatine hydrolysate supplements, may help improve your skin's collagen levels because gelatin is denatured collagen.


Which of the following doesn't contribute to fine lines or wrinkles?

All of these things contribute to fine lines and wrinkles


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