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Trade some of those books for a few great books you haven't read yet by attending or holding a book swap. Let's see if you've got what it takes to turn the page on this kind of get-together.

Do you need a credit card to participate in a book swap?

Nope. Typically, books swaps are even exchanges -- contribute a book, choose a book.


Is there a limit on the maximum number of books you can bring to a book swap?

Usually. Guests typically bring a minimum number of books and are invited to choose an equal number to take home. Although there is often a minimum quantity, people can bring more. It adds variety.


If you're holding a book swap, do you need to send out invitations?

No, but it's a good idea. That way, you can include a map and a few ground rules. Plus, e-mail or snail mail invites are just polite.


What type of real estate is the most important in a book swap?

That would be tabletop space. The more table area you have available, the easier it will be for guests to peruse the offerings.


What's the maximum number of guests you should invite to a book swap?

There's no official maximum. Keep the number to what the space can comfortably accommodate.


Should you serve appetizers during a book swap?

Sure, book people get hungry, too.


Is there a limit to the number of books you can take from a book swap?

Usually. Even if it isn't posted anywhere, it's polite to restrict your haul to the number of books you brought to the swap. If you brought three, take a maximum of three books home.


Are book swaps themed?

Sometimes. If the host knows 25 mystery lovers or horror fanatics, then holding a themed swap is probably a good idea.


What's a good way to organize the book table?

Although all these classifications will work, organizing books by category is easy and intuitive.


Can you make a book swap part of your cocktail party?

Sure, if your guests are book people.


Can you become addicted to book swapping?

No, but recreational reading is a good habit to develop.


How long should a book swap last?

Although there's no set time, two hours will probably give everyone an opportunity to exchange books and chat.


Where should you place the book table when you have a book swap?

If you're using your dining table to display books, the dining room is a good bet, as is the outdoors if it's a nice day. The bottom line is there should be enough room for people to browse and pass browsers without bumping, so wherever there's room is the correct answer.


What's the best thing to do with leftover books?

Give them to charity. There are plenty of charities out there, too. Consider donating them to a local V.A. hospital or community hospice. You may also want to contribute them to a local nonprofit that holds its own rummage or book sale occasionally.


Sure, you score books at a book swap, but what else can you do?

Both of the above. Heck, you can also expand your literary horizons by choosing a couple of books you'd never have thought of on your own.


What's green about a book swap?

It's an effective form of recycling.


What types of people are the most likely to attend a book swap?

Book lovers come in all shapes and sizes.


If you wanted to hold a themed book swap, what would be a popular choice?

Although all these themes would work, a children's book swap is a natural for a neighborhood party where there are many households with young children.


Should you play music at a book swap?

Sure, if you keep the volume down and the choices sensible.


Are there any books you shouldn't bring to a book swap?

Probably. Although no one is advocating the suppression of free press here, there are definitely books around that are very pictorially graphic or controversial. If you think your book may embarrass your hostess or the other guests, consider using another volume for the swap.


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