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"Bonanza" ruled the airwaves in the mid-20th century, drawing in fans of westerns, drama and just plain good TV. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the Cartwright family and their loves, lives and losses.

True or false: "Bonanza" was in black and white when it first premiered.

"Bonanza" was one of the first color westerns. When it premiered, there were few color TV shows. Thanks to shows like "Bonanza," 50 percent of all U.S. televisions were color by 1971.


Where does the show take place?

"Bonanza" is set near the Comstock Silver Lode around the time of the Civil War in the mining town of Virginia City, Nevada.


What gave the Ponderosa Ranch its name?

The Cartwright family homestead of Ponderosa Ranch takes its name from the pine trees native to the area.


What year did "Bonanza" premiere?

"Bonanza" premiered on Sept. 12, 1959, and ran through 1973.


How many seasons did the show last?

The classic western drama ran for 430 episodes over 14 seasons.


How many sons did patriarch Ben Cartwright have?

Ben Cartwright had three sons with three different wives, who were all dead by the time the show premiered.


Which was NOT one of Ben's wives?

Ben's three wives included Elizabeth Stoddard, Inger Borgstrom and Marie, who died after falling from a horse.


Which was NOT one of Ben's three sons?

Ben Cartwright had three sons: Adam, Joe and Eric (better known as Hoss).


Which Cartwright son was the only one to attend college?

Eldest son Adam was the only Cartwright to attend college. After studying architecture, he returned home to help his family run the ranch.


Who was the only one of Ben's three sons to marry?

Only Little Joe Cartwright tied the knot, but in true "Bonanza" fashion, his wife died shortly after the big day.


True or false: The "Bonanza" theme song originally had music.

In the pilot, the Cartwrights open the show singing along to the familiar theme music. Fortunately, producers realized that the whole singing thing didn’t make sense and quickly dropped the idea.


What was the name of the cook at Ponderosa Ranch?

Played by Victor Sen Yung, Hop Sing served as the loyal Cartwright family cook.


What was the name of the local sheriff?

Ray Teal played Sheriff Roy Coffee in 98 episodes of "Bonanza."


What was the name of Sheriff Coffee's deputy?

Bing Russell starred as Deputy Clem Foster in 57 episodes of the show.


Who played Candy Canaday?

David Canary starred as Candy Canaday, the loyal ranch foreman.


Which Cartwright son died before the start of the final season?

After actor Dan Blocker died unexpectedly, his character Hoss suffered a fatal accident at the start of the 14th and final season.


What was the name of Joe's wife?

Joe enjoyed a brief marriage to Alice Harper before she was beaten to death by Sloan.


How many Emmy awards did "Bonanza" win over its 14 season run?

The show won just three Emmy awards, for music, cinematography and editing.


Who played the lead role of Ben Cartwright?

Greene played father Ben Cartwright on 430 episodes of "Bonanza."


Who played the role of Little Joe?

Michael Landon played Joe Cartwright for 427 episodes. He later starred on "Little House on the Prairie."


Who played eldest brother Adam?

Pernell Roberts played big brother Adam Cartwright on 200 episodes of "Bonanza."


What is the name of Hoss' villainous uncle?

Uncle Gunnar Borgstrom came in to cause trouble for the Cartwrights several times throughout the series.


Which Cartwright brother kills a man in a bar brawl during season three?

After Hoss accidentally kills a man during a bar fight, the victim's brother comes to Ponderosa Ranch to seek revenge.


What is the name of Joe's half brother?

During season four, Joe's half brother Clay comes to town and becomes a ranch hand at Ponderosa.


Who sees little green men during one classic "Bonanza" episode?

In season five's "Hoss and the Leprechauns," Hoss is convinced that he sees sprites running around the Ponderosa.


Why don't things work out between Hoss and Carol?

Hoss and Carol Attley's relationship falls apart after she's arrested for murdering her husband.


Who gets a broken arm while alone at the ranch during season 11?

Joe debates whether to amputate his arm after a brutal break in the episode "A Matter of Circumstance."


What is the name of the boy Ben adopts during season 13?

After his con man grandfather dies, Jamie Hunter is left an orphan, so Ben adopts him, and Jamie becomes a Cartwright.


What ill-intentioned character closely resembles Ben?

Bradley Meredith uses his appearance to his advantage, impersonating Ben in an attempt to score a big payday.


What ex-con becomes a Ponderosa ranch hand during the show's final season?

Ben gives parolee Griff King a second chance at life by hiring him at the Ponderosa after his release from prison.


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