Quiz: Blood in the Jungle: Battle of Guadalcanal
Blood in the Jungle: Battle of Guadalcanal
By: Nathan Chandler
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Japan was on the march, the Allies were reeling -- and the two forces clashed in the South Pacific. How much do you know about the Battle of Guadalcanal?

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What is Guadalcanal?
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What was the codename for the Battle of Guadalcanal?
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As the operation commenced, securing Guadalcanal was the primary objective of the Allies.
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Why did Japanese patrol aircraft fail to see the invasion fleet as it approached Guadalcanal?
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As the battle began, the Allies began attacking several islands at once. How did they fare against the Japanese soldiers on Guadalcanal?
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When the Japanese began constructing an airfield on Guadalcanal, it meant that their planes could suddenly threaten which country?
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Soon after landing, many Marines were afflicted with which health problem?
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In August 1942, which force launched a surprise attack to begin the Battle of Guadalcanal?
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How long did the Guadalcanal Campaign last?
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Why was the battle a logistical nightmare for both sides?
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Why did Japan want to deploy dozens of warplanes to the airfield on Guadalcanal?
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Which force did NOT take part in the battle as part of the Allied attack?
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Guadalcanal was first major Allied offensive in the Pacific Theater.
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After capturing the Japanese airfield, what name did the Allies give to their prize?
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After World War II, Sealark Channel (near Guadalcanal) became known as what?
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During the campaign, the two sides engaged in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. What happened to the Allies at this battle?
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The Japanese intended to eventually use their foothold on Guadalcanal to attack which area?
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Early in the battle, a group of 25 Marines set out on what became known as the Goettge Patrol, which hoped to convince some Japanese troops to surrender. What happened during the patrol?
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During the battle, the Allies lost more aircraft than the Japanese.
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Eventual president John F. Kennedy was aboard a Navy vessel that was sunk attempting to do what?
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By December 1942, the Japanese resorted to what technique to deliver supplies to their starving troops?
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How many casualties did the Allies suffer during the battle?
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How many casualties did the Japanese absorb during the campaign?
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What was the ultimate outcome of the Allied victory in Guadalcanal?
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During the battle, most Japanese soldiers died from which causes?
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After Guadalcanal, the Allies began an island-hopping campaign to push back Japanese forces. How long did it take the Allies to reach the Japanese mainland?
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