Quiz: The Voight-Kampff Quiz: How Much Do You Know About 'Blade Runner'?
The Voight-Kampff Quiz: How Much Do You Know About 'Blade Runner'?
By: Staff
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Step out onto the neon-lit streets of future Los Angeles, and pull your trench coat collar up against the incessant rain. How much do you know about "Blade Runner"? Take this quiz to find out.

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The Voight-Kampff test can spot a replicant by asking emotionally charged questions in order to provoke what?
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What is the name of the cop who finds Deckard at the noodle stand and takes him to see the chief?
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What is the slur chief Bryant uses to describe replicants?
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How many replicants escape from the Off-world Colonies and make their way to Earth?
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Which replicant is the "leader" of the renegades?
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Why does Leon return to his apartment, almost running into Deckard and Gaff?
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Who composed the music for "Blade Runner"?
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What is the name of the nightclub where Deckard finds Zhora?
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What part of replicants does Hannibal Chew make?
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Two major elements were added to the original theatrical release of "Blade Runner": a "happy ending" that shows Deckard and Rachael leaving L.A., and what else?
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What disease does Sebastian suffer from?
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After Deckard kills Zhora, what does Bryant order him to do?
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How long do Nexus-6 replicants live?
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What does Leon tell Deckard it's time for?
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Who kills Leon?
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What game does J.F. Sebastian play with Eldon Tyrell?
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What kind of animal does Batty hold on to at the end of the movie?
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What did Batty watch glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate?
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To what does Batty compare the loss of his memories when he dies?
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What does Gaff leave outside Deckard's door?
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Bonus question: The happy ending tacked onto the theatrical versions of "Blade Runner" includes aerial footage of the wilderness Deckard and Rachael are driving into. This footage was not shot for "Blade Runner." What movie does it come from?
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