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You need more than birds for bird photography. Capturing these flying creatures with a camera requires special equipment. Learn more about what you need to know about bird photography by taking this quiz.

Why is bird photography a challenge?

Most birds are prey and use survival strategies that make them difficult to photograph.


What is a bird survival strategy?

Bird survival strategies include camouflaged appearance, quickness to flight and hard-to-reach nests.


What photographing position is less likely to startle your bird subject?

Getting low to the ground will be less starting to your subject.


Where is a good location to photograph birds?

Photograph birds in locations where birds are accustomed to human activity, such as a poplar beach.


Where is a good place to learn about birds?

If you know something about birds, you'll be a better bird photographer. An outing with the Audubon Society is an excellent way to learn about the habits of birds.


What is the favorite camera choice among professional bird photographers?

Cannon and Nikon cameras are favorites among professionals, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


What is the best type of camera for bird shots?

A digital single lens reflex camera is the best for bird shots.


How is a single lens reflex camera a compatible and adaptable choice?

The single lens reflex camera provides more control over settings and a wide variety of lenses to choose from.


What camera is a good choice for a photographer with little experience or knowledge?

A point-and-shoot camera does not require much knowledge or experience.


Why does bird photography require manual camera controls for high quality pictures?

Birds are fast moving, and often the lighting is poor when photographing birds.


What is important for filming fast-moving subjects?

The number of frames per second is important when filming fast-moving subjects such as birds.


What does the lens size number indicate, such as 35 mm?

The number 35 refers to the focal length.


What lens has the narrower scope?

The higher number indicates a narrower scope, so the correct answer is 400 mm.


What are lenses less than 35 mm used for?

Wide-angle lenses are used to capture wider scenes, rather than faraway subjects.


Why may an image be too dark?

If the camera lets in too little light, the image will be too dark.


What is aperture?

Camera aperture is how big the camera lens opens.


If your hands are shaky, what item should you purchase for professional-looking bird photographs?

A tripod will hold the camera steady for beautiful bird photographs.


What is catchlight?

Catchlight is a reflection of light in a bird's eyes.


What will attract birds to your backyard?

To attract birds to your backyard, place birdfeeders filled with seed and birdbaths filled with water there.


Which is a top 10 birding hotspot?

Cape May, New Jersey, is one of the best places for bird photography in the continental U.S.


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