Quiz: The Biggest Product Failures of All-time Quiz
The Biggest Product Failures of All-time Quiz
By: Staff
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The majority of new products disappear as quickly as they showed up, so it's no surprise that even big-name companies miss the mark at times. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about some of the biggest flubs and failures of all time.

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What year did Microsoft introduce its Zune music player?
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Crystal Pepsi was caffeine-free.
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How long did New Coke last when it was introduced in 1985?
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Gerber released a line of pureed food in jars for adults in 1974.
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What company was responsible for producing Betamax?
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How much did McDonalds spend to advertise its Arch Deluxe?
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What was Orbitz soda famous for?
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How many units did Segway sell in its first two years?
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When did Ford release its famous Edsel — perhaps the biggest product fail of all time?
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How long did HP produce units of its Touchpad tablet?
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When did Pepsi release its "morning drink" Pepsi AM?
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Levi Strauss released its very own knockoff version of its high-end Levi Red line in 2002.
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What name did Frito-Lay give its line of low-fat chips, released in 1998?
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What unwanted side effect came to buyers who consumed an excess of WOW! chips?
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Which company released the Newton mobile computer in 1993?
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Jell-O released a line of vegetable flavors especially for salads in the 1960s.
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What candy brand launched its own short-lived soda in the 1980s?
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What was the name of the 2014 phone released by Amazon?
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Which toothpaste brand introduced a line of ready-to-eat meals in 1982?
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What beer brand released its own line of spring water in 1990?
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How long was the battery life on Google Glass, released in 2013?
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McDonald's sold pizza under the name McPizza.
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What was the name of Apple's failed 1996 video game console?
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Hershey's Swoops were chocolate-coated potato chips.
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Clairol released a product called "Touch of Yogurt Shampoo" in the late 1970s.
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What was the name of Google's alternative to the "Second Life" game?
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What percentage of new retail products exceed $7.5 million in sales — a modest benchmark — in their first year?
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How many standard items does the average household regularly buy?
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How many new products sell in excess of $50 million in their first year?
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