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Catfish are mostly freshwater inhabitants and are found on almost every continent. Their size can vary from a couple of inches to more than eight feet long, the size of the largest Mekong giant catfish ever caught. Take this quiz and learn more about big catfish.

How many species of catfish exist in the world?

There are nearly 2,900 species of catfish in existence today.


Where do most catfish live?

They mostly inhabit freshwater environments.


Where in the water do catfish tend to dwell?

Catfish are bottom dwellers.


Which of the following fish have no scales?

You won't find catfish covered in scales.


What constitutes the outer covering of a catfish?

Most catfish are smooth-fleshed, although some have bony plates on their bodies.


How did the catfish get its name?

The catfish has a set of trademark, cat-like whiskers, known as barbels.


What is the function of the catfish's barbels?

The barbels act as feelers, which help in the search for food.


What is the name of the biggest catfish ever caught?

There are species of catfish that can grow to exceptional lengths, but the heavyweight champion is the Mekong giant catfish.


How big was the largest catfish ever caught?

The largest ever, officially recorded catfish was about 8 feet 9 inches (2.7 meters) long.


What is the weight of the heaviest Mekong giant catfish?

The heaviest catfish was just under 646 pounds (293 kilograms).


Where was the largest catfish caught?

The record-breaking Mekong giant catfish was captured in Thailand.


When was the biggest Mekong giant catfish caught?

The world record-holder was captured in Thailand in 2005.


How long is the Mekong River?

The Mekong River flows through southeast Asia for some 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers).


What is the total land area covered by the Mekong river basin?

The Mekong river basin covers close to 495,000 square miles (about 795,000 square kilometers) of land.


The Mekong River basin is shared by ____ countries.

The Mekong River basin encompasses parts of China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.


What is the average life span of Mekong giant catfish in the wild?

Mekong giant catfish have an average life span of more than 60 years.


Full-grown adult Mekong giant catfish lack:

Full-grown adult Mekong giant catfish lack teeth and barbels.


Which catfish turn cannibal?

Mekong giant catfish hatchlings, called fry, turn cannibal after being hatched.


During the past century, the adult Mekong giant catfish population has declined by:

Some experts estimate the adult Mekong giant catfish population is limited to just a few hundred fish -- down some 95 percent over the course of the past century.


Why are Mekong giant catfish vanishing?

Similar to the tales of other species, overharvesting and habitat loss/degradation are the big factors in the decline of the Mekong giant catfish population.


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