Quiz: Can You Pass This Bible Study Quiz?
Can You Pass This Bible Study Quiz?
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

A tome that has polarized opinions throughout the world for much of its lifespan, the Bible is a fascinating book.

To believers, it is the world of God, the singularly most important book in the religion of Christianity. Each and every word recorded here by man was breathed by God. It can be used to teach, instruct, rebuke and console.

And the Bible is certainly filled with many stories, parables, and accounts of Christianity's most influential people and prophets. None more so, of course, than Jesus Christ, the son of God, and one of the cornerstones of the Bible. As the Bible explains, Jesus came to Earth to save sinners from eternal damnation, to act as the new covenant between God and his people and not just for the Jews but the Gentiles as well, as it is written. 

But let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? Just how much do you know your Bible? Did all those years of Bible study imprint the names, places, nations, and miracles in your mind?

Well, why don't we test that then? This Bible study quiz is tough; of that, there is no doubt! A prayer beforehand will help, that's for sure!

Let's see how you do!

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The popular verse "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life," is found where in the Bible?
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Can you name the garden in which God had Adam and Eve live?
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Which of these is NOT a son of Noah?
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Who shut the door of the ark once it had been completed and Noah, his family and the animals were inside?
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Samson once killed 1,000 men using which of these below?
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Name the city the Israelites attacked when they came into Canaan, the "Promised Land."
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A number of people mentioned in the Bible lived over 900 years old. Who was the oldest?
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True or false? Jesus Christ and John the Baptist were related.
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In Numbers 22 in the Old Testament, which animal speaks to Balaam, who was to curse the Israelites at King Barak's command?
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Which nation had imprisoned the Israelites when God tasked Moses with rescuing them?
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How many plagues did God unleash on the Egyptians before Pharaoh agreed to let Moses lead the Israelites from the land?
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What was the name of the "Promised Land" that God had told the Israelites he would give them as their home?
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While escaping the Egyptians, which sea did Moses part to allow them a safe passage?
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What is the longest book in the Bible in terms of chapters and verses?
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The ark built by Noah was made from what type of wood?
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Paul, the author of many books in the New Testament was actually a _______ by profession.
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True or false. John the Baptist fashioned his clothes from camel hair?
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Who in the Bible said the following: "but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
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Which of these below is considered the first miracle performed by Jesus Christ?
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Who wrote the last chapter of the New Testament, the "Book of Revelations?"
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On his way to his crucifixion, Jesus struggled to carry his cross. Who was instructed to help him?
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How tall does the Bible say the giant Goliath was?
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Can you name the shortest chapter in the Bible?
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What happened to the curtain in the temple when Jesus died?
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Can you name David's father?
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On which sea did Jesus calm a massive storm?
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Jesus was crucified at Calvary. What other name was it known as?
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Which Bible character was swallowed by a great fish?
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How many books will you find in the New Testament?
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The longest name in the Bible is Mephibosheth. True or false?
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The disciple Peter denied Jesus on how many occasions?
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Which of these listed below is not a book of the Old Testament?
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Who was the King of Judea at the time of the birth of Jesus?
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