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Shows with supernatural scenes may seem like a 21st century phenomenon, but witches and other spooky characters have ruled television since the '60s. Take our "Bewitched" quiz to see what happens when witch marries mortal.

What year did "Bewitched" premiere?

The show ran for eight seasons, from 1964 to 1972. The first day the cast gathered to begin rehearsals in 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.


What was the first season of "Bewitched" to be filmed in color?

The first two seasons of the show were shot in black-and-white, but the season three opener, "Nobody's Perfect," allowed viewers to see the Stephens family in full color for the first time.


What was Darrin's job on the show?

Darrin was an executive with the McMahon and Tate advertising agency.


What city did the Stephens call home?

On "Bewitched," all the magic took place on Morning Glory Circle in the town of Westport, Connecticut.


What was the name of the Stephens' nosy neighbor?

The inquisitive Gladys Kravitz was forever trying to convince her husband Abner that something strange was happening in the Stephens house.


When does Darrin find out about Samantha's powers?

Darrin learns that Samantha is a witch on their honeymoon, when it's too late to back out.


What is the name of Samantha's witchy mother?

Samantha's mother, Endora, has magical powers of her own — and she makes it clear that she'd like to use them to make Darrin disappear.


What is the name of Darrin's boss at work?

Darrin's boss, Larry Tate, and his wife Louise are often ensnared in Samantha's spells.


What is the name of Samantha and Darrin's daughter?

Elizabeth Montgomery named her on-screen daughter Tabitha. Samantha and Darrin's son, Adam, followed a few seasons later.


What was the name of Samantha's clumsy aunt?

Aunt Clara was one of the few relatives on Samantha's side who managed to be nice to Darrin. But she also caused a lot of trouble when her spells went wrong and wreaked havoc on the Stephens family.


What item did Aunt Clara collect?

Aunt Clara collected doorknobs — and so did Marion Lorne, the actress who played Clara on the show.


Which of these characters was NOT replaced by a different actor during the show's run?

Both Darrin and Gladys were replaced by different actors midway through the show, while Elizabeth Montgomery played the role of Samantha throughout the series.


What did Samantha have to do to cast a spell?

Samantha cast a spell with a simple nose wiggle. According to Montgomery, that meant simply wiggling her lip to make her nose look like it was moving.


What was the original name of Samantha's character?

Samantha was originally named Cassandra, but producers changed it because of Cassandra's connection to evil witchcraft in ancient mythology.


True or false: Elizabeth Montgomery was NOT the first choice to play Samantha.

The role of Samantha was first offered to actress Tammy Grimes, who turned it down because she wanted the show to take a more serious approach to witchcraft.


What is the name of Samantha's doppelganger cousin?

Cousin Serena looks just like Samantha but has short black hair, a roving mole on her cheek and a hippified wardrobe.


True or false: Elizabeth Montgomery played both Samantha and Serena.

When Montgomery took on the Serena role, she was credited as "Pandora Spocks."


Who originated the role of Darrin?

In the famous Darrin swap, Dick York had to bow out of the show after just a few seasons and was replaced by actor Dick Sargent.


What actress played the role of Endora?

Endora, played by actress Agnes Moorehead, meddled in the Stephens' marriage throughout the entire run of the series.


How many Emmy awards did Elizabeth Montgomery win for her role on "Bewitched"?

Montgomery never picked up a single Emmy for playing Samantha, but several of the show's supporting actresses did win the prize in 1966 and 1968.


True or false: Darrin gets a chance to try some magic of his own in some episodes of "Bewitched."

In the episode "A Is for Aardvark," Samantha grants Darrin some magical powers when he is stuck in bed with a sprained ankle.


What is the name of Darrin's mother?

Darrin's mother, Phyllis, is often at odds with Endora.


Who is Samantha's mischievous uncle?

Uncle Arthur shows up frequently throughout the series to cause trouble with his practical jokes, which are often directed at Darrin.


What is the name of Samantha's father on the show?

Maurice often exits with his favorite verse from Shakespeare and appears to have a less-than-loving relationship with Endora.


Who do the characters on the show call for in an emergency?

With a simple chant, Samantha and company can call for Dr. Bombay, who will "come right away" in an emergency.


What is the name of the Stephens' housekeeper?

Despite her difficulty with magic, the anxious Esmeralda keeps the Stephens' home sparkling.


What year was the "Bewitched" movie released?

The 2005 remake of the series featured Nicole Kidman as actress/witch Isabel Bigelow, who starred in a movie as Samantha Stephens.


Who played Darrin in the movie?

Will Ferrell plays aging actor Jack Wyatt, who takes on the role of Darrin Stephens in a "Bewitched" movie.


Why does Isabel get the role of Samantha in the film?

Isabel gets the role of Samantha because of her natural nose-twitching abilities.


Who plays Endora in the "Bewitched" movie?

Shirley MacLaine stars as Iris Smythson, an actress hired to take on the role of the meddling Endora.


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