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Mint is not just for mint juleps. When added to cosmetics, mint can prevent beauty woes. Learn why it should be a welcomed addition to your routine with our quiz.

Most people don't think of mint as something:

Most people think of mint as an edible product to be added to tea or as a perfect gum flavor, but it actually makes a great beauty product as well!


In the Middle Ages, mint was used to:

Mint was often added to water as a purifying agent in the Middle Ages.


<i>Mentha piperita</i> is the Latin name for pepermint.

Now you might recognize this term on the back of a beauty product that uses mint in it!


Mint is often combined with which other natural ingredients for their nurishing combination in beauty products?

Mint is often combined with all of the four listed natural ingredients to make exceptional and natural beauty combinations.


Mint has an antipruritic agent. What does this mean?

Correct, similar to oatmeal, mint has a quality that is helpful in soothing and/or calmin itchy or infected skin.


The Vitamin A in mint helps to:

Vitamin A, present in the natural ingredient mint, helps to strengthen skin and reduce oil production.


Mint oil can sometimes serve as a natural astringent.

Mint's high content of salicylic acid helps it to act as a natural astringent, helping to treat inflammation.


Mint can be helpful in the prevention of colon and lung cancer.

Mint has a certain healing capability as a result of a nutrient called perillyl alcohol. This alcohol has been proven in studies to have a correlation to the prevention of certain cancerous cells.


Mint can help clear up acne.

The salicylic acid present in mint can have an effect on the skin, keeping pores clear and helping to prevent and treat acne.


Those who like mint ice cream have been linked to:

Can't get enough mint? A study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that people who like mint ice cream are more likely to be confident, forward-thinking and amibtious.


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