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Fans are all excited about the 2017 "Beauty and the Beast" movie, but how much do you remember from the original Disney masterpiece? There's nothing like the original, and if you're a true Disneyphile, then you need to test your memory of the award-winning​ animated film that started it all.

Gaston's home is also what?

Remarkably, Gaston's home seems to serve as a tavern as well, with taxidermy upon the walls.

What is Belle's father's profession?

Belle's father is an inventor, and his crazy gadgets can be found all around their house, such as the periscope to see who is at the door.

What is the invention that Maurice brings to the fair?

Maurice packs up his wacky wood-chopping machine to take to the fair. But unfortunately, he doesn't make it too far before peril strikes.

What is the name of Maurice's horse?

Philippe is the poor, frightened horse that leaves Maurice in the forest. So much for companionship.

How many eggs does Gaston eat in a day?

He eats five dozen eggs to be roughly the size of a barge, and in the film, it's hard to tell, but they look hardboiled. He could just be eating them raw, shell and all.

Who is the voice of Belle?

They chose Paige O’Hara because she had a lovely tone of voice that reminded the filmmakers of Judy Garland, a singer and actress that Belle was modeled after.

What part of the castle is forbidden for Belle?

And we're not talking about the White House. The West Wing of the Beast's castle is off limits to Belle, because that's where the rose is.

Before Gaston comes to Belle's door, what little scene takes place?

Just before coming to the door, Gaston prepares a wedding ceremony for the moment Belle steps out the door. This little scene is not in the modern movie.

What does Belle find in the forest when looking for her father?

Belle finds Maurice's hat on the ground, and that's when she knows that he must be nearby.

What does the Beast summon to take Maurice back to the village?

The Beast summons a fallow carriage, which comes to life and walks with spider-like legs. Scary.

What provides a "snow effect" during the "Be Our Guest" extravaganza?

Salt shakers dance in the air and create a little snowstorm. It's quite enchanting.

Which of these gems is said in the film?

Cogsworth gives Belle a tour of the castle, and discusses the architecture. Kudos to him for using a Baroque pun.

What does Belle find in the West Wing?

Belle discovers the rose in the West Wing, which is the key to understanding the Beast's curse. I mean, he still has to explain it. . .

What is the sequel to "Beauty and the Beast"?

1997's "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" goes back in time to Belle and the Beast's first Christmas together, while he was still cursed. Who thought of this?

Who is the voice of the Beast?

Robby Benson does a wonderful job of voicing the Beast, but no one knows what he did after that.

Which of these songs from the modern movie was not in the original?

Disney fans might not recognize "Evermore," otherwise known as the Beast's ballad. The Beast sings this dramatic song after Belle leaves him.

What does Belle throw at the Beast?

Playing in the snow, Belle throws a snowball at the Beast's head. The snowball that she receives in return is much bigger.

Who sings "Beauty and the Beast" in the movie?

As Mrs. Potts, Angela Lansbury sings the famous song. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson sing the platinum version.

What genre is the film?

"Beauty and the Beast" is a romantic fantasy, to be exact.

What color are the beast's eyes?

The Beast has expressive blue eyes. So does the actor playing the Beast in the modern film.

How does Chip, the teacup, escape from the castle?

Belle finds Chip in her bag after she escapes the castle. This does not happen in the modern film.

Which of these animals was NOT an inspiration for the Beast?

Animator Glen Keane using a number of different animals as inspiration for the Beast, but the mongoose was not one of them.

What was the original name for Mrs. Potts?

Originally, Mrs. Potts' name was Mrs. Chamomile. It was a good change.

Which of these statements about Belle is true?

Belle is technically the oldest Disney princess, being in her twenties. The rest of the traditional princesses were in their teens.

What literary figure was an inspiration for Belle?

Jo from "Little Women" always has her head in a book, and she was an inspiration for Belle.

How many times did it take Angela Lansbury to perfect the song "Beauty and the Beast"?

Apparently, Angela Lansbury perfected it in one try. Now, that's a trained stage performer.

Which of these statements about the film is true?

Although it only won one Oscar, it was still groundbreaking for an animated film to be nominated for best picture.

Who eats a page from Belle's book?

Sitting on the fountain, the sheep takes a little bite from the corner of a page. It doesn't seem to bother Belle in the slightest.

Who shows Belle to her room in the castle?

The Beast takes Belle to her room. This is different from the modern film, where Belle is led to her room by the furniture.

Who sings with Celine Dion on the single, "Beauty and the Beast"?

Peabo Bryson sings the famous rendition with Celine Dion, which still brings tears to our eyes.

How many animators and artists worked on the film?

That's right. Over 600 animators and artists brought the film to life.

Which of these Shakespeare lines is in the film?

During Gaston's singing plea to the townsfolk to storm the castle, he uses a famous line from "Macbeth."

How is the prologue to the story told, in the opening sequence?

The backstory about the Beast is told with stained glass windows, which depict the events that led to his being beast-ified.

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