Quiz: Beach Safety Quiz
Beach Safety Quiz
By: Staff
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Do you know the dangers lurking at the beach? Test your knowledge of beach trivia and common beach hazards that, if avoided, can make or break your beach vacation.

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Falling vending machines kill this many people at the beach in a typical year:
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Last year, the number of kids reported missing at the beach was:
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In water that is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), a person is likely to survive for:
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The state with the most shark attacks each year is:
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A group of jellyfish is called a:
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The proportion of beachgoers that can't swim is:
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It takes a child this long to drown, on average:
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It takes an adult this long to drown, on average:
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The number of pollution-related closings and advisories in the United States in 1999 was:
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During heavy exercise in hot weather, you should drink at least this many cool beverages each hour:
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A white cotton shirt will protect you better from the sun than an SPF 15 suntan lotion.
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Females drown more often than males.
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If there's no warning sign or flag posted, then it's safe to swim.
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If you can't swim, it's a good idea to rely on a flotation device such as an inflatable raft.
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The sun's ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer cannot pass through a car window.
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Most shark attacks are deadly.
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If a thunderstorm is approaching, it's smart to get out of the water and wait out the storm on the beach.
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Sharks get cancer.
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It's unsafe to swim between two red flags.
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Like people, sharks have five senses.
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