Be the President for a Day and We'll Tell You Which State You Belong In

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The President of The United States isn't just the most powerful job in the world, it is also the toughest. US Presidents have held the tiller of state during crises that could have ended in a nuclear conflagration, economic devastation, pandemic, and heaven knows what else that was kept from the public. 

Presidents visibly age in high speed right before our eyes. Their friendships and family relationships strain as they face decisions with far-reaching implications, and when their terms are up, we expect them to keep quiet about their successors, no matter what happens.

On the other hand, Presidents get to have a lot of fun. Nixon had a ball in the White House bowling alley. JFK basked in the celebrity attached to the office. FDR even had a special car and special train built to hide his disability from the world, so he could be treated like any other US President. 

One can imagine George Bush cruising the Nevada desert in a spaceship from Area 51, or Donald Trump shutting down a small airport so he could fly to his favorite nearby golf course, or George Washington having a special grove of cherry trees grown outside of the capital so he could periodically take out his rage on a childhood enemy.

Put yourself in the shoes of the President. You're about to learn something about yourself and what state you belong in when you spend a day as the most powerful man or woman in the world!

What time do you wake up?

What do you want the White House kitchen to make for your breakfast?

What do you do before you head to the Oval?

Your first meeting of the day is with your cabinet. What do you tell them to prioritize for the day?

Your VP is supposed to attend a funeral for a foreign leader whose final act was badmouthing you. Any special orders for your VP?

An Eagle Scout comes to have his picture taken with you. What life advice do you give to him?

You're being petitioned to pardon a criminal who was convicted of a murder he didn't commit, though he has a long history of crimes. Do you pardon him?

You've got a few minutes before making a public appearance for a candidate in your party. What do you do with the time?

How do you handle the public speech for your party's candidate?

On your ride back to the White House, you are informed that there are rumors of upheaval in North Korea. Do you have any orders?

You've got a free hour! What do you do with it?

As you walk into a fundraiser lunch, you are informed that the rumor has been confirmed, and an unpredictable North Korean hard-liner has seized power. What do you do?

When you get to the White House, the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are waiting. What are your orders?

A bridge has collapsed in Washington State. What do you do with regard to the press?

There's a hurricane headed toward Florida and Puerto Rico. It's a class 2, but is expected to strike as a class 4 or 5. What action do you take?

The Congress has just passed a bill that would require all US citizens to present a US Passport in order to vote. Do you sign it into law?

As you walk to Marine 1 to fly to your next event, a reporter asks you how much a gallon of milk costs. What's your answer?

You get a call from the dean of admissions of the college your child has applied to. They clearly want you to do some kind of favor in order for your child to get in. What do you do?

You're visiting a GM auto plant, and they offer you a spin in one of their new cars. What do you do?

The White House Kitchen wants to know what you have in mind for dinner. What'll it be?

The hurricane made landfall, and it's a category 5. The governors have declared a state of emergency. What do you do?

It's time for you to have a pickup game with some other politicians. What will you play?

As you get out of the shower after the game, you hear that the new North Korean leader is massing his forces at the DMZ. What's your first act?

The Secretary General of the UN calls you on the hotline. The UN is planning to vote on a resolution and they want you to back off. What do you say back?

A report surfaces in the press that American troops near the DMZ are being picked off by a sniper. Your people can't confirm this. What do you do?

North Korea has launched what is either a supersonic aircraft or an ICBM, but it's impossible to tell yet. It's headed toward the Sea of Japan. What are your orders?

You got lucky. North Korea sent a nuke, but it sputtered out over the Sea of Japan and fell harmlessly into the water. China has massed artillery at its border with North Korea. Word is there may be dissent in the North Korean ranks. What do you do?

The North Korean army has opened fire on South Korean military emplacements south of the DMZ, and the North is shelling the minefields of the DMZ to clear a path for tanks. What are your orders?

Your military brass warns you that the North will soon launch more ICBMs at the US, Japan, China, and possibly even Europe, an act that could result in global thermonuclear war. What are your orders?

You have 45 minutes before the nukes land and the world as we know it comes to an end. How do you spend your time?

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