Quiz: Be Good to Your Mouth
Be Good to Your Mouth
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Take this quiz to learn more about how pasta can be a part of a nutritious diet that encourages good oral health.

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What vitamin helps build tooth enamel?
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Lycopene may help the body fight oral cancer, but where can you find it?
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Some cheeses -- including this one named after a Dutch city -- may help prevent tooth decay:
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Which hearty pasta is usually made with potatoes?
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Eating these can help keep your teeth clean.
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Name the habit that isn't required for good oral health.
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Good nutrition helps prevent which gum disease?
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If your gums are sore and inflamed, it's best to avoid these tastes:
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Which comfort food helps you stay hydrated after oral surgery?
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A diet high in fruits and vegetables can help prevent lesions that may be a precursor to this disease:
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Which type of pasta doesn't have cheese inside?
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Brush and floss after every meal to prevent this substance from forming on your teeth:
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The recipe for this dish usually calls for pasta plus vegetables.
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What does "al dente" mean?
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Eat this food to neutralize the effects of acids in your mouth:
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Hippocrates recommended garlic as a cure for this ailment:
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Nutritious and filling, this pasta dish is a favorite among teething toddlers and snaggle-toothed kids:
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Which vegetable makes a great low-calorie substitute for pasta?
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Your body produces more of this substance when you're eating a meal.
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What's the best way to remove starch and sugars from your teeth?
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