Quiz: The Ultimate Bathroom Design Quiz
The Ultimate Bathroom Design Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Bathroom design is an important part of any home renovation. Take our bathroom design quiz and see how much you know about great bathroom design.

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When designing a bathroom, any style can be adapted to your bath. Which is the best style to choose?
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Natural materials work great in a bathroom. Which should you choose?
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To give your bath that "pulled together" look, repeat each major color. How many times should you repeat them?
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Esthetics are important, but which common sense ideas seem right when decorating a bathroom?
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Whose opinion is most important when designing your bathroom?
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People tend to go all out with kid's bathrooms. What's the most important design tip to remember?
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Is it a good idea to mix design styles in your bathroom?
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Safety features are important when designing a bathroom for the elderly or handicapped. Which function is highly recommended by safety experts?
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Most lodge style designs use earth tone colors. Which color would you choose for your new bath?
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Is it a good idea to use more than one color in your bathroom design?
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Creating a focal point for your bathroom design adds interest and drama. Which of the following might achieve the desired effect?
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Using a period style from a bygone era in your bathroom design adds charm. Which of the following are period styles?
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Romantic style bathrooms strive for opulence. Which of the following design elements might you use?
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Because most bathroom fixtures are modern in design, most people tend to choose which design style for their bathroom?
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Which of the following are elements of contemporary bathroom design?
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