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Bathrooms are essential, but they're also an escape -- especially when they're decorated to the nines. If you'd like to transform your home's restroom into an oasis of self-restoration without dipping into your savings account, taking this budget-conscious quiz could help generate lots of ideas you'll love.

Why is redecorating your bathroom a great weekend project?

Because the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, giving it a fresh new look can usually be accomplished in just a couple of days. It's a perfect project for a weekend!


How much should you allocate to a bathroom decorating project?

Unlike living rooms, which require new furniture to accomplish a new look, bathrooms can be refreshed with new décor for a few hundred dollars. It may just be the most frugal room in the house, at least when it comes to redecorating on a budget.


The best bathroom wall color is white, right?

Because of its minimal square footage, a bathroom is the right place for bold colors. Aubergine-colored walls, for example, won't overwhelm the eye in a bathroom the same way they might in a larger space.


What's the cheapest way to make a big impact on the way a bathroom looks?

While the cost of a new mirror can range into the hundreds, a gallon of paint costs about $25. Paint can give your bathroom a completely different look, even more so than a vase of fresh flowers.


What easy-to-apply accessory can give your bathroom a designer touch?

Easy-to-apply and a breeze to remove, vinyl decals on the wall, shower door or even the toilet can add a designer touch. Vinyl decals can be purchased at home improvement stores or custom ordered to reflect a favorite quote or object, like an octopus.


Does your bathroom have a fifth wall?

Unless your bathroom is open to the elements, it has a fifth wall: the ceiling. Don't forget about it when you're decorating. Continuing the wall color or adding a textured wallpaper to the ceiling are two great ways to perk up a dowdy bathroom without spending a fortune.


What materials can you use to make a shower curtain inexpensively?

Conveniently, 72-inch (1.8-meter) bath sheets are the same length as a standard shower curtain. Outfitting two terrycloth bath sheets with grommets and hanging them with shower curtain rings is an inexpensive and creative addition.


Hanging towels on a horizontal bar is boring, but what other option do you have that won't cost a fortune?

Rolling up bath sheets, washcloths and handtowels and placing them in a repurposed container -- like a Victorian-style urn -- adds a spa-like appeal and a designer touch to even the smallest bathrooms. And if your container of choice is a thrift store find, it will cost only a few dollars.


What's a frugal way to add more elbow room to your shower without taking up additional space?

A curved shower curtain rod takes the same amount of space as a straight shower curtain rod, but seems to add miles of elbow room when you're standing inside the shower. The curved rods cost about $30 each, which is comparable to standard-issue curtain rods, but offer a high-end hotel appeal.


How can you get one-of-a-kind new window treatments without blowing your budget?

Hand towels, dishtowels, handkerchiefs and place mats can be used as window treatments and look especially nice in mid-century and eclectic bathrooms. Simply use curtain rings with alligator clips (these can be purchased at home improvement stores) to hang the textiles. No sewing needed!


What's one way to customize an inexpensive shower curtain?

A standard cotton shower curtain is inexpensive, but by sewing or gluing ready-made beaded trim onto it you can add a lot of bling for just a few bucks.


What technique adds a personal touch to bathroom curtains without breaking the bank?

Stencil a pattern onto shower curtains or window treatments -- and even bath mats -- using fabric paint. You'll get an upscale look without an upscale price tag.


Which simple move is one of the most effective ways to make small shower areas seem larger?

Move the shower curtain bar up a couple inches on the wall to draw the eye up and give the illusion of a larger, more luxurious space. Best of all, your only investment is the few minutes it takes to affix the curtain rod at its new height. You can also glue or sew a strip of coordinating fabric to the bottom of the curtain if it looks too short.


What does reglazing bathroom items entail?

Reglazing a bathtub, shower or sink refers to a multistep process that includes sanding and applying a special paint. The technique can bring timeworn items back to life, saving you the cost of replacing them.


What's the best way to cut the cost of a framed bathroom mirror?

You can achieve a custom look by adding a framed mirror over a bathroom vanity. Cut the cost by asking a glass specialist or home improvement store to cut a standard mirror to fit an existing thrift-store or garage-sale frame.


What simple step can add a high-end -- and inexpensive -- touch to your bathroom?

New towels and tile can be pricey! Mist a homemade linen spray onto your towels and bathrobe -- DIY Web sites have easy recipes. You'll feel like you're at the spa every time you step out of the tub.


What everyday item can breathe new life into bathroom décor?

Turn small mirrors into toiletry trays by securing felt to their undersides. The reflective surfaces will add light and elegance to small bathroom spaces, and it costs very little to repurpose them.


Which of the following is a winning strategy for adding more counter space without remodeling?

By storing toiletries out of sight, you'll free up counter space and make your bathroom feel larger and more inviting.


What color scheme can give your bathroom a spalike appeal?

When you stick to various hues of a single color for bathroom décor, wall paint and accessories, the effect can be soothing and spalike -- especially if you add a few candles throughout an uncluttered bathroom.


Where's the best place to shop for bathroom fixtures?

Instead of heading into the bathroom fixture section at the local home improvement store, take a closer look at the kitchen fixtures. By swapping out a bathroom faucet for a larger kitchen faucet, you'll get maximum impact on a minimum budget.


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