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Redecorating or renovating your current bathroom or adding on a new one can give a whole new feeling to your home. Take our quiz to learn about the many decorating styles and tricks that can transform your bathroom from boring to dazzling.

What is the best way to achieve a lasting look for your bathroom décor?

When you combine classic design with contemporary elements, you can achieve an elegant look that will last for years.


When choosing bathroom fixtures, what color is the most versatile?

It's hard to go wrong with white fixtures in your bathroom. They are come in many styles and are versatile and enduring.


In the United States, what are some safety measures recommended for the bathroom by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)?

Grab bars, wide doorways and nonslip tiles are some of the "universal access" features recommended by the National Kitchen and Bath Association when designing a bathroom for the elderly or handicapped.


Which type of window treatment will diffuse the light in your bathroom?

Sheer curtains, back in favor in recent years, give your bathroom a feeling of soft light and tranquility, perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub.


How can you make a small bathroom look larger?

Light-colored monochromatic walls will make any small room seem larger.


What's the best way to keep a bathroom neat and organized?

Planning lots of closed and attractive storage for your bathroom makes it a snap to stay organized and neat.


What are the distinguishing characteristics of traditional style?

Traditional styles tend to be complex and symmetrical and incorporate materials such as wood and fabric to give your room a feeling of warmth.


Which design style evokes memories of the early years of American life?

Soft, natural colors, a claw-foot tub and antique brass hardware are just some of the design elements evocative of American country style.


What is a classic feature of English country style?

A traditional cabinet in maple, cherry or mahogany wood, small black and white ceramic tiles and pastel colors are classic features of English country style.


French country style is known for its __________ elements.

Terracotta tiles, brass and pewter fittings, marble countertops and curvy lines characterize this romantic design style.


Eighteenth century style is known for its _________.

The elegant and refined style of 18th-century design includes elements taken from both American and English styles. With emphasis on symmetry and grace, it borrows elements from Queen Anne, Chippendale and others.


Which element is essential for an Italian villa-style bathroom?

Spaciousness and luxury are the hallmarks of an Italian villa-style bathroom, complete with arched doorways, high ceilings and large windows.


Lodge or cabin style is known for its ________ elements.

Oak or knotty pine wood cabinets, earth tones and matte metal fixtures characterize this rustic American design style.


Which section of the United States boasts its own design style?

A blend of Spanish and Native American influences, Southwestern style uses terracotta and other colorful tiles, desert tones and dark woods to create a style unique to the American Southwest.


Mediterranean style takes its inspiration from which countries?

The rich stone and tile history in countries such as Italy and Greece, as well as their warm climate, contribute to the colorful Mediterranean style.


Which style is interchangeable with modern style?

Contemporary style, often called modern style, is known for its clean and simple lines and casual feel.


Which of the following is a contemporary style?

Scandinavian style is known for its clean lines, light wood tones and bright primary colors.


What color might you choose for an Art Deco style bathroom?

Cool tones are the foundation of Art Deco style. White, ivory, black and gray dominate this sophisticated and glamorous design style from the twenties and thirties.


Which design style is evocative of modern city life?

A bathroom designed in the urban loft style uses shiny tiles, exposed architectural elements and sparkly accents to give the feel of a modern city at night.


Retro style reflects the aesthetic of which 20th century decades?

Retro style is practical, bold and cheerful, with lots of shiny surfaces and bright colors reminiscent of a classic 1950s American diner.


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