Based on Your Brunch Choices, We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are!

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About This Quiz

The word brunch is a hybrid word that combines breakfast and lunch. As such, it is a meal that is a combination of breakfast and lunch, which is usually eaten during the late hours of the morning to early afternoon between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The meal is often served with alcoholic beverages (usually some type of champagne or cocktail), and the meal is typically among friends or family. 

Brunch originated back in 19th century England, but it wasn't until the 1930s when it crossed the big lake, that it became very popular.  Created as an alternative to early Sunday dinner, its purpose was to decrease one's need to wake up early on that same day. Like the fused word, the meal can consist of both breakfast and lunch foods but the menu, more times than not, it includes pastries, eggs, sausage and ham, fruit as well as pancakes and waffles.

What would you order if you went to brunch? Will you take something as simple and blueberry pancakes, or will you get everything from waffles and fried chicken to croissants and tartlets? Tell us in this quiz, and we'll tell you which of the Disney princesses you are. 

What day of the week would your brunch take place?

What time do you usually have brunch?

Where will you be having brunch?

How often do you do brunch?

Who do you usually do brunch with?

How many people will you be meeting this time?

What is a suitable amount of money to spend on this meal?

What kind of flowers will be placed on the brunch table?

What would you have as an appetizer?

What is brunch without some fruit? Pick one that you would like to eat.

Which of these veggies would you love to have a smoothie made from?

What do you add to your yogurt?

What kind of bread do you usually have as toast?

Which of these spreads would you put on your toast?

How do you like your eggs?

Which of these spices do you like in your eggs?

Which of these meat options would you eat on its own?

How do you like your potato prepared?

What will you have as an entrée?

Which of these drinks will accompany your entree?

Which of these pastries has to be on the brunch table?

Do you prefer bagels or donuts?

Which of these muffins sounds like something you would eat?

Do you prefer waffles, pancakes, or crepes?

Which of these toppings or sauces needs to be on your food?

What kind of drink will you ordering for the second round of drinks?

The restaurant that you are at does not have anything that you like, which of these restaurants would you then go to (if you could)?

What type of food do you usually eat?

If you have space for dessert, you will be having?

What will you be taking home with you?

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