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The whole point of live TV is that it's unpredictable. But sometimes rock stars and comedians cross the line. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about these infamous "Saturday Night Live" incidents.

This musician, known for his experimental music in several genres (rock, jazz and classical) and his group the Mothers of Invention, was banned in 1977 for doing a poor job hosting, such as discussing the cue cards he was reading from.

Zappa was almost certainly mocking "SNL" while he was there, which probably didn’t go over too well with the producers. He also reportedly antagonized the cast about their drug use, being anti-drugs himself.


Actor Robert Blake was banned in the 1980s for what reason?

Blake was banned for hurling a script at a writer off camera.


Why was actor Adrien Brody banned over his improvised fake Jamaican accent and dreadlock wig?

Michaels despises ad-libs, so Brody doesn’t get to be on "SNL" any more.


How much damage did the punk band Fear <i>reportedly</i> do when its members and John Belushi created a mosh pit on the "SNL" stage in 1981?

Fear singer Lee Ving said they caused $500,000 in damage, although the true value was probably closer to $20,000. Nonetheless, Fear was not asked back.


Sinead O'Connor wasn’t simply banned from SNL — all reruns of her episode have had the ban-worthy incident edited out. Whose photo did she tear up that earned her such ire?

O'Connor shredded a photo of the pope during her performance to protest the Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandals.


Elvis Costello was banned for 10 years when he played what song instead of "Less Than Zero," which his record label had insisted he play?

He played "Radio Radio" after beginning "Less Than Zero." He stopped his band and said, "There’s no reason to do this song here."


What classic comedian was banned from "SNL" because his schlocky, cheesy performance was simply too bad to allow him to ever host again?

Apparently Milton Berle's old-timey comedic ideas didn’t work with a modern audience.


More than one host has been banned from "SNL" simply for being a total jerk, but only one of them was a huge action movie star. Who was it?

Seagal apparently treated the cast and crew like garbage and was terrible at writing and rehearsing sketches.


What "SNL" cast member was never officially banned but also never appeared on the show again after more than 100,000 fans voted to "dump" him from the show?

Kaufman incited the fan poll himself, so the whole thing was likely part of his bizarre and ongoing performance art.


What band was banned after they hung upside-down American flags from their amps?

Rage was engaging in a political protest against that night's host (billionaire presidential candidate Steve Forbes) and didn’t even get to play their second song.


Louise Lasser was banned from hosting the show again after her 1976 appearance was deemed subpar. What was the title of the show that made Lasser famous?

Lasser played the lead in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman."


What former cast member was banned from hosting duties (but has since appeared in sketches) after he was reportedly a total jerk to the cast when he hosted in 1997?

Chevy Chase has apparently been building a reputation for being pretty unpleasant since at least 1997.


Why was the group Cypress Hill banned?

DJ Muggs puffed on a joint on live TV.


What band was banned in 1986 when it performed a rowdy, drunken version of "Kiss Me on the Bus" while wearing each other's clothes?

The Replacements never graced the "SNL" stage again, although lead singer/songwriter Paul Westerberg did later perform on "SNL" as a solo act.


Comedian Charles Grodin was banned because he did what while hosting in 1977?

Lorne Michaels didn’t appreciate Grodin's "I didn't know this was a live show" gag. One suspects a lot of the "poor performance" bans were simply types of comedy that Michaels didn't understand or like.


Martin Lawrence was banned (and all of his appearances stripped from reruns) for an extremely vulgar monologue in what year?

Lawrence's offensive routine happened in 1994.


An animated clip called "Conspiracy Theory Rock" was shown in 1998 but removed from reruns. Why?

The cartoon, by Robert Smigel, took aim at corporate control of the media. It's almost as if Smigel was onto something.


A 1990 appearance by what controversial and intentionally vulgar comedian was met with protests, including boycotts by cast member Nora Dunn and musical guest Sinead O'Connor?

Andrew Dice Clay's appearance on the show created instant turmoil and controversy, including increased security, a tape delay and no further appearances by the comedian.


In 1986, comedian Sam Kinison's routine was censored for the West Coast broadcast and subsequent reruns, although Kinison was apparently not banned. What were his censored jokes about?

Kinison's jokes about legalizing marijuana and the crucifixion were deemed unacceptable.


A 1995 sketch called "O'Callahan & Son Pub" was removed from all reruns. Why?

Shapiro sued "SNL," and part of the settlement required that the sketch be removed from reruns.


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