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There may not be a cure for bags under your eyes, but there are ways to minimize them. Get anti-aging skin care tips with our bags under eyes quiz.

One of the biggest reasons people get bags under the eyes is:

Genetics play a large role in the appearance of bags under the eyes and, unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do about it.


Lack of sleep and salty foods lead to this cause of bags under the eyes:

Lack of sleep, salty foods and even a lack of exercise can lead to water retention which causes those unsightly bags.


If your bags are simply the result of genetics then plastic surgery is not an option.

Plastic surgery is an option but not one to be taken lightly.


Sinus infections can create bags under the eyes by:

Sinus infections tend to stretch the skin below the eyes resulting in the unwanted appearance of bags.


Bags under the eyes in the early morning are usually caused by fluid retention.

Elevating your head with an extra pillow may help reduce fluid retention in the night.


Bags under the eyes are a natural part of:

Bags under the eyes are something we all have to deal with eventually.


Ligaments and muscles have nothing to do with the creation of bags under the eyes.

Ligaments and muscles weaken as we get older which creates sagging.


These levels decline with age, resulting in bags:

When collagen levels decline the skin loses its elasticity.


If the bags under your eyes disappear by 5pm each day then they're probably caused by fluid retention.

Bags under the eyes caused by fluid retention are generally gone by noon.


If the skin in your face has sagged with age then you may need:

A specialist can help determine the best procedure for you or you can live with this sign of aging.


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