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If someone is pestering you, you say that he is badgering you. But does this furry animal deserve such an association? Is the badger beneficial to humans in any way? Take this quiz to learn more about badgers.

What helps badgers to dig burrows?

Badgers have powerful forelegs with long claws which help them dig.


Where does the badger get its name from?

Every badger has a contrasting stripe on its forehead or a "badge." This is why the badger is named so.


Of the nine species of badger, which are the most widespread?

The most widespread of all the badgers are the American badger and the Eurasian badger.


Which of these best describes the body of a badger?

A badger's body is short and broad and it has a short, bushy tail.


The badger has very good senses, except for which one?

A badger's eyesight is rather weak compared to its other senses. Its hearing and sense of smell are both very good.


Where in Canada are American badgers found?

American badgers are found in the southwest part of Canada.


How many babies are usually in a badger litter?

There are usually three babies in a litter.


What part of the fur-making process is a badger's fur used for?

It is used for pointing. This refers to the gluing of badger hairs to the pelts.


How do coyotes benefit from badgers?

When a badger digs for its prey, the latter might escape from the ground, only to fall prey into the waiting paws of the coyote.


What colors are common for the American badger?

The American badger is usually grayish to reddish with a white stripe from nose to shoulders.


What do Eurasian badgers eat?

Eurasian badgers eat mostly insects, worms and young rabbits. In addition, they eat fruits, seeds and roots.


What do they use Eurasian badger hairs for?

They use them for making various kinds of brushes.


What do we call a group of Old World badgers that live together?

They're called a clan and they usually include about 10 animals, adults and young.


How do badgers recognize members of a clan?

Each clan has its own unique musk scent, making it recognizable from another.


What is the habitat of the Old World badger?

The Old World badger is commonly found in forest areas.


Why is the fact that badgers have loose skin an advantage?

The loose skin enables the badger to twist around to fend off an attacker, even if the latter has hold of its skin in its jaws.


Complex burrows that Old World badgers build are called:

They're called setts and they can contain anything between 10 and 80 entrances.


Europe is home to some very old badger setts. How old are they?

Some of Europe's badger setts are more than 100 years old.


If a stink badger sprays its musk at a predator, what can happen?

A spray of stinky musk can cause the predator to feel pain or even get sick.


Are badgers playful?

Yes, badgers are playful, especially the cubs.


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