Quiz: Bad Sports Contracts Quiz
Bad Sports Contracts Quiz
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Test your knowledge of the worst sports contract catastrophes of the past 30 years. If you don't know an answer, here's a hint: the most ridiculous option is almost always right!

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Ricky Williams was a Heisman Trophy winner who was drafted by the New Orleans Saints after coach Mike Ditka traded away eight future draft selections. How much did this superstar earn during his first season?
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Coach Mike Ditka and his prized draft pick Ricky Williams appeared on the cover of ESPN The Magazine dressed as which of the following?
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Before Ryan Leaf was drafted by the Chargers for over $7 million a year, he played for which college team that lost to the University of Michigan in the 1998 Rose Bowl?
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After flopping as a quarterback and admitting a prescription drug addiction, Leaf tried his hand at what other career?
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What was Allan Houston's Achilles' heel?
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How much did Allan Houston earn during the two years that he sat on the bench with injuries?
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In the four seasons that David Beckham has played for the L.A. Galaxy, his $250 million contract has resulted in how many goals?
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When he signed with the Galaxy, David Beckham promised to work to raise the profile of soccer among Americans. To that end, he spends every off-season doing what?
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Number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell held out for his contract with the Oakland Raiders for so long that he attended how many weeks of training camp?
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In his three years with the Oakland Raiders, quarterback JaMarcus Russell made $39 million. If you divide that by the number of touchdowns he threw, he much did he make per touchdown?
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Which of these teams did Steve Young NOT play for during his professional football career?
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Steve Young's $36 million contract with the USFL's Los Angeles Express was good for how many years?
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All-star third baseman Alex Rodriguez receives the most boos (arguably) in which stadium?
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The Texas Rangers still owe Alex Rodriguez how much money from his $252 million contract signed back in 2001?
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Rick DiPietro is a professional athlete in which of the following sports?
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Even if hockey goalie Rick DiPietro is traded or retires from his knee injuries, the Islanders or his new team still have to pay him how much every year until 2021?
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How many games did LeCharles Bentley play for the Cleveland Browns before succumbing to a knee injury?
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After receiving $16 million for playing zero minutes, LeCharles Bentley is suing the Browns for how much money in "pain and suffering" related to his staph infection?
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How old was pitcher Kevin Brown when the Dodgers signed him to a seven-year, $105 million contract?
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How many seasons did Kevin Brown pitch for the Dodgers before suffering a career-altering elbow injury?
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