Quiz: The Ultimate Famous Bad Investments Quiz
The Ultimate Famous Bad Investments Quiz
By: Staff
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Fluctuating stock markets and human nature make it easy for regular folks to lose money on investments all the time. Even the rich aren't immune. How does your investment record measure up? Take the Ultimate Famous Bad Investments Quiz to find out.

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Which major league baseball player sank his fortune into The Players Club, a lifestyle and financial advice magazine geared toward helping professional athletes preserve their wealth?
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What Hollywood movie holds the Guinness World Record for largest ever box office loss?
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Which muscled macho men were the original celebrity investors in Planet Hollywood, the theme restaurant chain that filed for bankruptcy twice?
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What American icon lost his substantial fortune -- and his wife's inheritance -- through his investment in the Paige Compositor, an automatic typesetting machine?
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What notorious con man gave us the term for a type of investment fraud in which early investors are paid high rates of return from money contributed from later investors, with no actual business activity to generate revenue?
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Taking the Ponzi scheme to a whole new level, Bernie Madoff bilked thousands of high profile investors out of billions of dollars. Which celebrities were among the victims who lost significant portions of their savings to Madoff's fraudulent tactics?
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What TV host was caught at the center of a life insurance scam, purchasing two multi-million-dollar insurance policies, and then reselling them to disreputable brokers for far less than their actual value?
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Born in 1890, Victor Lustig is best known as the man who conned investors into purchasing what famous Parisian landmark?
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Towers not your thing? Perhaps I may interest you in a bridge in Brooklyn. What was the name of the con artist who convinced hundreds of tourists that they could make a huge return on investment by purchasing the rights to control access to the Brooklyn Bridge?
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What real estate mogul was sued by investors in 2009 after scrapping plans for an opulent resort on the U.S.-Mexican border?
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