Quiz: The Ultimate Backscatter X-ray Scanner Quiz
The Ultimate Backscatter X-ray Scanner Quiz
By: Staff
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Backscatter X-ray scanners are being deployed at airports to help security personnel thwart terrorist attacks. How much do you know about the technology behind these sophisticated machines?

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Backscatter scanners cost around how much?
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When you submit to a backscatter scan, what are you being exposed to?
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To receive the same amount of radiation equal to one chest X-ray, you'd have to go through a backscatter scanner about how many times?
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When are you subjected to significantly more ionizing radiation than you'd receive during a single backscatter scan?
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Partly due to concerns about radiation exposure, the TSA is testing another type of scanner. What kind of technology does it use?
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Backscatter scanners emit X-rays, a type of electromagnetic radiation, which is made up of what?
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Some scientists say the most likely health risk from backscatter X-rays is what?
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Backscatter technology is extremely effective, in part because it detects certain objects that metal detectors do not. Such as?
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Backscatter scanners aren't just used in airports. You'll also find the scanners in what other location?
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The TSA spent about how much money to develop updated software that displays less revealing images of passengers?
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After they're reviewed, what happens to the images from a backscatter scanner?
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Who filed a lawsuit against the TSA, claiming that the agency was secretly storing body scanner images?
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Which government agency determines a safe level of radiation exposure from equipment such as body scanners?
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In case of malfunction, X-ray scanners could subject passengers to a radiation overdose. What would this cause?
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