Quiz: Baby Boomers, How Much Do You Know About Millennial Internet-Speak?
Baby Boomers, How Much Do You Know About Millennial Internet-Speak?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

When the new technology of the Internet and cell phones was born, it gave rise to a whole new breed of slang. The slang of previous generations was mostly coined to be used in actual conversation, whether over the phone or face-to-face. But Internet slang, used on chat boards, emails and instant messaging, was designed to be written, not spoken. For this reason, it's usually compact, relying heavily on acronyms and "portmanteau" words (two words combined into one). 

You might know what "LOL" and TTYL means. But Internet slang has moved on since those relatively simple, early-90s days. If you haven't kept up, frankly, there's a lot to learn. What would you do with a "fic" -- eat it, read it, or watch it? What do you "ship" -- a package, a couple, or a photo? If "stan" isn't just a man's name anymore, then what the heck is it? 

We're here to help. We've designed a quiz on today's Internet terminology, whether whole words or acronyms. You'll learn what it means to be "basic," and whether it's better to be "basic" or "woke." You'll puzzle over the ethics of "catfishing." You'll learn a lot -- if you're not proving you've already learned it. Whichever the case, settle in and try your luck with our quiz!

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A person who likes to stir up bad feelings (usually in a comments section) is called a _______.
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If you have just "bumped" your own comment, what have you done?
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If someone wants you to DM them, what do they want you to do?
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The most common way of calling someone a newcomer or beginner is to call them a _____.
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What is the symbol # called on the internet?
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The expression "______ fail" peaked in the mid-2000s.
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Which of these is an alternate spelling of "owned"?
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What does "AMA" stand for? (Hint: It's not the American Medical Association).
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Under what circumstances would you "facepalm"?
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The compliment "on fleek" was originally about which specific body part?
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Is "ship" a noun or a verb?
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Which of these is a popular internet term for "dog"?
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If you like popular, mainstream things -- like Top 40 music and Starbucks coffee -- you might be _______.
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To be politically and socially aware is to be _____.
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How do you admonish someone to be particularly woke?
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From which language do we get the word "emoji"?
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Who would be most likely to use the phrase "totes adorbs"?
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To give someone a hard time, or tease them, is to throw ______.
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If someone calls you "thick" (or sometimes "thicc"), is that a compliment?
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Is it a compliment if someone calls you "the GOAT"?
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Which of these is a synonym for "drunk"?
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Finish the phrase "I can't even ______."
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Jumping into the background of a picture you don't belong in is called _______.
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Which of these is a name for a witty riposte online?
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Which of these is a term for a person exhibiting disturbing behavior?
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If you just "left-swiped" someone, where are you?
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Which celebrity's antics sparked a brief vogue for the hashtag "#winning"?
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Which punctuation mark goes between "TL" and "DR" (for "Too Long" and "Didn't Read")?
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If you were sending a racy photo to a friend, you might label it ______.
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