Quiz: Baby Boomers, Do You Remember the Lyrics to These Classic Songs?
Baby Boomers, Do You Remember the Lyrics to These Classic Songs?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: ledzeppelin

About This Quiz

The classic songs from the Baby Boomer Generation are still loved and played today. They defined the era and the people in it, and just one listen can take you back. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon and Simon and Garfunkel released some of the biggest hits of the time. Which song reminds you of the Baby Boomer Generation?

Can you sing every lyric to "Every Breath You Take?" What about the lyrics to "American Pie"? Maybe you can even fill in the blanks to the lyrics of "Landslide." The songs and artists you know and love will all show up on this quiz!

What is your favorite lyric from the time? You might be a fan of songs like "Mony Mony" or "Don't Stop Believing." Or are you more of a "Good Vibrations" kind of person? There are many different genres of music in this quiz. They may start off easy, but they'll get trickier!

The lyrics of the Baby Boomer Generation will always have a place close to the hearts of the people who grew up listening. They're the words that described the best of times and helped in the hardest of times. So, Baby Boomers, if you think you remember the lyrics that defined your generation, this is your chance. Take the quiz to see your score!

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