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Whether you are a new mom or a veteran, taking care of a baby is no easy task. Most moms feels anxious and stressed when it comes to properly taking care of their little one. Take this quiz and get some sound advice about common parenting concerns.

As a new mother, you should:

It serves no real purpose to compare yourself to other mothers. Reduce your stress and anxiety by focusing on yourself only and don't worry about what other mothers are doing.


If it feels wrong to let your baby cry, you should:

Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong to let your baby cry, then pick your baby up and console her. Mommy does know best after all.


What does a newborn baby need?

Newborn babies really don't need all that much. Conserve your resources and limit your newborn's items as much as possible.


How can you encourage your baby to be calm and relaxed?

If you stay calm, your baby is likely to stay calm as well. Manage your stress and anxiety when you are around your newborn.


When should you start a bedtime routine for your baby?

Try as early as three months of age to instill a bedtime routine. Good sleep hygiene benefits your baby and your family greatly.


What is the best thing a parent can do for an infant's intellectual development?

Encourage a positive relationship with reading at an early age. Read often to your baby.


What is a quick and healthy baby food option?

No need to always resort to jarred baby food. Save time and money by simply mashing up a banana or an avocado.


What should you watch out for when buying jarred baby food?

There a lot of healthy jarred baby food options now, including certified organic baby food. In any event, keep your eye open for any sign of artificial flavors or artificial preservatives in the baby food.


Why should you consider teaching baby sign language to your child?

Most pre-verbal infants want to communicate their desires but simply cannot. Teaching your child baby signs can decrease overall frustration.


When signing to your child you should:

It's very important not to substitute regular speech for baby sign language. You should also make eye contact with your child when using baby signs.


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