Quiz: The Ultimate Autumn Tablescapes Quiz
The Ultimate Autumn Tablescapes Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

An attractive autumn tablescape extends an inviting welcome to family and friends. Take the quiz to learn how to shape a colorful autumn tablescape.

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What are two holiday themes that are appropriate for an autumn tablescape?
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What makes a nice seasonal autumn snack?
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What is a simple but elegant way to display apples and pears?
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What do you add to a moss starter to make your own moss?
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On your tablescape, what can you use hollowed-out mini pumpkins for?
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What can you carve in a larger pumpkin in lieu of a Jack-o-lantern face?
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What kind of jar can double as a vase on your autumn tablescape?
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What is regarded as the consummate autumn flower?
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How many candle fragrances are there in the U.S.?
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What can you stick into oranges to render a delightful scent?
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Which herb should you add to your display to sweeten the scent of your spices?
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What third ingredient do you add to a scented cinnamon and clove brew?
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Does every tablescape have to have a centerpiece?
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How can berries add a decorative touch to your tablescape?
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