Quiz: Quiz: Autumn Adornments
Quiz: Autumn Adornments
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Many people enjoy redecorating their homes to suit the season. Autumn, with its bold colors, is the perfect time to adorn your surroundings with a touch of nature. Take our quiz and find out whether you know how best to decorate your home for the fall season.

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Which of these natural occurrences best represents autumn?
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Which colors are most often connected with the fall season?
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Which of these fruits might you use as an autumn decoration?
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In what should you display your fall fruit?
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What can you frame to really bring the essence of fall to your home?
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What should you use to dry out fallen leaves?
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Which color cardboard should you use as the backdrop for your framed leaves?
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What should you make sure to do before using acorns as display items?
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Where should you go to purchase ribbon for decoration?
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How might you use ribbon to beautify your home for fall?
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Which of these is a popular symbol of the fall season?
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Besides carving them, what else can you do to pumpkins to make them more decorative?
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What type of paint works best on pumpkins?
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Evergreens produce which of the following?
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