Quiz: Automotive Arms Race: Car Brands With Military Manufacturing History
Automotive Arms Race: Car Brands With Military Manufacturing History
By: Zoe Samuel
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Ever since the car became a mass-manufactured item, the very same tools used to make cars have been turned to making weapons of war. Some of this is little more than methodological.  After all, even gun factories use Henry Ford's assembly line concept. What changed in the 20th century was the size of machines needed. Especially before the jet age, the only manufacturers with the skills, resources, manpower and capacity to build large weapons of war were car manufacturers. Today, governments rely on companies like Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and Raytheon to make military hardware, but for most of the 20th century and even to some extent today, governments call upon automakers to craft the weapons of war.

World War II saw governments from Japan to Russia mobilize their manufacturers to turn their plowshares to swords, creating some of the most iconic, ubiquitous and deadly weapons the world had ever seen. Some of these brands still bear the hallmarks of military service as part of their branding. Even luxury brands were involved in this all out war, supplying parts, engines and sometimes whole vehicles to their respective countries' militaries. President Roosevelt even took to calling these carmakers "The arsenal of democracy."

How well do you know the military history of the automotive industry? Take this quiz and find out.

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When did the GMC Model 16 enter service in the US military?
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How many multi-drive military vehicles did GM produce during WW2?
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Which manufacturer made the "Duck" for the US in WW2?
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What carmaker made the M-4 Sherman tank?
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How many shell casings did Buick make during WW2?
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How many B-24 engines was Buick making per month during WW2?
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How many Sherman tanks were manufactured by GM during WW2?
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Who makes the Type 89 IFV tank?
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Who makes and services the reactors on Trafalgar and Vanguard class nuclear subs?
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Who makes the engine that powers both the McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk and the Mitsubishi F-1?
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Who made the unarmored fighter that took on the Flying Tigers in WW2?
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Who made the R4 motorcycle in WW2?
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Who made the G4 staff/heavy personnel car?
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Who made the M3 Tank?
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Who made the Schwimmwagen?
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What vehicle did Ford present to the US military in 2000, in tactical form?
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Who made an experimental off road 4x4 used by the US military in the Vietnam War era, starting in 1967?
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What company acquired GM's military hardware wing in 2003?
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Which company did not make WW2 jeeps?
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Who manufactured the V-1710 engine used in the Mustang fighter plane?
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How many Model-T ambulances did Ford ship to the European front during WW1?
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Who manufactured the M10 Gun Motor Carriage?
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How many aircraft machine guns did Oldsmobile make during WW2?
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Who built the M18 Hellcat?
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Who built the Bofors automatic field guns for the US in WW2?
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What German brand makes a luxury SUV with a hardcore military heritage?
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Who built the US6 6x6 truck?
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Who ended up absorbing the bones of the company that built the M2 half-track in WW2?
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Which of these brands has the best bona fides when it comes to a history with air combat?
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