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Did you know that ATM-related theft is a global crime that results in huge sums of money stolen every year? Smart thieves, advanced technology and sometimes poor security measures make ATM skimming a lucrative crime that could leave you with an empty bank account. But do you know enough about skimming to spot a hacked ATM? Take the quiz to find out.

About how much money is lost to ATM skimming annually?

Reports indicate around $1.2 billion in annual theft as of 2008.


What Windows platform do many ATMs run?

Good old Windows CE powers many ATMs, and an estimated 70 percent of ATMs shipped post-2004 run on Windows.


What kind of credentials do you need to purchase an ATM online?

Anyone and everyone can buy their very own ATM online, so no credentials are required.


How do ATM skimmers usually steal PIN numbers?

Most skimming schemes involve a tiny spy camera hidden near the keypad. Be smart and keep your PIN covered!


Do all banks know how to deal with ATM skimming?

Nope! While some banks are certainly more prepared to deal with skimmers than others, they can't all know what to look out for. If your small town bank is targeted by skimmers, odds are the personnel won't have any idea how to spot the devices -- or what to do with them.


Which bank chain was targeted by skimmers in 2010 and had to reimburse customers more than $200,000?

ATMs at four Bank of America locations in Long Island were hit for $217,000, which affected between 100 and 200 accounts.


What's the simplest way to protect yourself from ATM skimmers?

Keeping your PIN hidden from prying eyes or cameras is a good way to reduce the risk of theft by skimmer, but it's not a 100 percent safety guarantee.


How do most ATM skimmers access the personal information on your debit card?

Skimmers attach a fake card reader to the ATM's real card slot. It reads the data on your card's magnetic strip.


Which popular '90s movie depicted a teenager skimming ATMs for cash?

Young John Connor in "Terminator 2" uses a fancy hacking device to skim money from an ATM. Later he uses it to hack into Cyberdyne, though, so it all evens out.


Which ATM companies were known to have "backdoors" that gave full access to anyone who put in a specific key combination?

A security expert was able to hack into Tranax and Triton ATMs with relative ease, though both companies claim to have since updated security measures to prevent these exploits from working.


New "tap and go" credit cards use what kind of waves to wirelessly transmit transaction data?

RFID tags in newer credit cards transmit data wirelessly via radio waves.


How much money was lost in RFID credit card skimming incidents in 2009?

None! While it is technically possible to skim data from an RFID tag, there are no reports of it happening outside laboratory studies.


When did the first known instance of ATM skimming occur?

In 1993, a gang known as the "Buckland Boys" hacked an ATM to kick off the ATM skimming trend.


Which security company sells a device that detects the presence of ATM skimming card readers?

ADT's Anti-Skim device can detect foreign objects placed over an ATM's card slot.


How can ATM hackers "trick" ATMs into giving them extra money?

ATM hackers can re-program an ATM to think it's full of smaller bills, making a withdrawal actually worth thousands instead of hundreds.


What do thieves do with debit card information and PIN numbers once they have them?

ATM skimmers can easily transfer the personal data encoded on the card's magnetic strip to a blank gift card. Armed with the PIN, they've essentially created a duplicate of your debit card!


What elements can give away an ATM skimming device?

The biggest giveaways for ATM skimmers are off-color parts that could indicate a fake front panel or camera, or a protruding, loose card slot.


A security expert named Barnaby Jack was able to hack into multiple ATMs and export user data using this built-in program. What was it?

Barnaby Jack hacked into Windows-based ATMs with programs he wrote himself, then exported the data using good old Internet Explorer.


About how many ATMs were in use in the United States in 2009?

There were about 403,000 ATMs in the US in 2009 -- about one for every 761 Americans!


How much money was stolen in the biggest ATM robbery of all time?

An organized gang once hit several ATMs for a whopping $9 million!


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