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Atlanta has become a popular tourist destination in the southern United States. There is something for everyone in Atlanta and its temperate climate only adds to its attraction. Southern hospitality is at the forefront in this bustling city where tourists comment on the friendliness of its residents. Take our quiz to learn more about this popular vacation spot.

In addition to its reputation as a tourist hotspot, Atlanta is headquarters to what large companies?

Some of the notable companies that have established their international headquarters in Atlanta are Coca Cola, CNN, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines and the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obviously, business also has a great deal of faith and appreciates the leisure attractions available to employees in order to establish their headquarters in this bustling city.


What was the turning point that put Atlanta on the map as a tourist destination?

The 1996 Olympics and a resultant clean-up of the city in preparation for this auspicious event was the catalyst that put Atlanta on the tourist destination map.


What is a popular nickname for Atlanta?

Atlanta is nicknamed Hotlanta, in part due to its warm climate and partly for its attractions. Temperatures regularly climb into the 90s throughout the summer.


What is one of the reasons that Atlanta is called the city among the trees?

Visitors may be surprised to find how lush and green the city is, with small parks dotting neighborhoods. Atlanta also has a huge city park that covers 180 acres named Piedmont Park located in Midtown.


What serves as a natural geographical marker that tourists can use to navigate this sprawling Georgian city?

The Chattahoochee River dissects Atlanta as it runs to the southwest and serves the city as a geographical marker for getting around. The Peachtree and Nancy creeks also crisscross Atlanta.


What is the most elevated city in the United States?

Denver Colorado is the most elevated city in the United States followed by Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta borders on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and neighborhoods become more rolling as you travel north.


How many small mountains make up a part of the city of Atlanta?

The Kennesaw Mountain and Stone Mountain are the two small mountains that make up part of Atlanta. Kennesaw Mountain has an elevation of 1,808 feet (550 m) and Stone Mountain has an elevation of 1,686 feet (518 m).


What three interstate highways slice Atlanta into quarters?

Interstate 285, known as the Perimeter actually circles the city, while north-south Interstates 75 and 85 and east-west Interstate 20 split it into sections. The downside is that all three interstates cross paths in downtown, often creating traffic bottlenecks.


How many residents are there residing in metro Atlanta?

There are about 4.7 million residents of metro Atlanta. Most of the attractions in Atlanta are located in the perimeter and north of Interstate 20.


How many streets are there in Atlanta named Peachtree, including the main Peachtree artery that winds from downtown to the north?

As of the last count there were 26 streets named Peachtree in Atlanta. The city is noted for having no rhyme or reason to its street layout, so you need to be a good navigator or take public transportation.


If you were to ask a resident for directions to the best nightlife and dining area of Atlanta, where would they send you?

The bars in Buckhead are legendary; during major events or conventions, the crossroads of Peachtree, Paces Ferry, and Roswell Road are packed with people bopping from bar to bar. Within a half-mile radius, you can find everything from upscale martini bars and Irish pubs to pool halls and dance clubs.


Where do you go in Atlanta for fresh produce, bakery, seafood, and international foods offered at discount prices?

At the DeKalb Farmers Market you can walk through 140,000 square feet of booths and counters to discover cheeses from around the world, tank after tank of live seafood, hundreds of cakes and pastries, Black Forest brownies, freshly made sausage and rosy Black Angus fillets, and an extensive wine and beer selection.


What is portrayed on the Atlanta city seal?

The official city seal of Atlanta is a phoenix rising from ashes. This is appropriate, because of two major fires that virtually destroyed the city. Atlanta has risen to stand again from the ashes just like the mythical sacred firebird.


Where is a world famous spot in Atlanta to pick up ultimate bargains and designer goods?

Both Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square are known around the world for ultimate bargains and designer goods. It is a regular occurrence to spy celebrities and movie stars shopping in theses spots.


What is the name of a local but internationally noted architect responsible for many of the grand structures located in Atlanta?

Locally born and educated John Portman has been credited with shaping much of the area by designing the Famous Glass Cylinder of the Westin Peachtree Plaza, The Merchandise Mart, Peachtree Center, and the Sun Trust Building.


What is the name of one of the Victorian neighborhoods that survived both of the major Atlanta fires?

Inman Park and Grant Park are both grand Victorian neighborhoods that survived both of Atlanta's major fires and definitely worth touring if you feel like taking a step back in time. A Teardown trend has stricken some areas close by resulting in oversized homes sprinkled among 1,900 small quaint bungalows.


What famous musician is a part-time resident of Atlanta and has a gigantic private collection of photography sometimes displayed at the High Museum of Art?

Photography is a favorite art form in Atlanta. Part time resident Sir Elton John is an avid art collector. John's personal curator is Jane Jackson, who sold her own gallery to administer his private collection, which is periodically shown at the High Museum.


The High Museum of Art recently underwent a renovation and expansion. How many square feet of floor space are enclosed within its walls?

The critically acclaimed High Museum of Art has undergone a major renovation and expansion, more than doubling its size to 312,000 square feet. If you desire even more culture, you can visit the Atlanta Opera or the Atlanta Symphony to catch performances.


Where can you go while visiting Atlanta to explore 50 miles of hiking trails, two bike trails, picnicking or to try your hand at rock-climbing?

Those who love being in the outdoors will find hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, fishing, biking, and picnicking opportunities at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, located along the Chattahoochee River north of downtown Atlanta. There are 50 miles of hiking trails, bike trails and rock-climbing.


What record amount of water is contained in one of the tanks at the Georgia Aquarium?

One of the tanks in the Georgia Aquarium holds more than six million gallons of water and when you venture into a tunnel under that tank, you feel as if you are scuba diving. You should make a reservation before you go there, as the crowds are huge.


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