Quiz: The Armani Quiz
The Armani Quiz
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Armani may have had its heyday in the '80s, but the brand continues to ride high in the fashion world in the 21st century. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Armani's life and legacy.

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Where was future design icon Giorgio Armani born?
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True or false: Armani's family connections helped him make it in the fashion world.
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What was Armani's original career plan?
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What was Armani's first fashion-related job?
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What year did Armani release his own clothing line?
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What type of clothes did Armani release first?
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What fabric did Armani famously focus on at the start of his career?
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What did Armani remove from suit jackets in 1975?
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What movie made Armani a star in the U.S.?
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Which of these is associated with the Armani power suit?
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What era helped inspire the power suit?
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What TV show did Armani provide the wardrobe for?
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What year did Armani open his first restaurant?
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What got Armani into big trouble with the law in the mid '90s?
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What year did Armani's best friend and business partner Sergio Galeotti die?
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How many Armani stores were there worldwide by the end of the end of the '90s?
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When did Armani launch his haute couture line?
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When did the first Armani Exchange store open?
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Which of these did the company introduce in 1997?
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What year did Armani launch a line of cosmetics?
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True or false: Armani has maintained a very feminine design in his clothing for women.
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What is Armani's signature color palette?
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What did Armani name his Milan exhibition space?
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What is the name of Armani's couture line?
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Where did Armani open its first branded hotel?
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Which actress famously wore an Armani suit to the Golden Globes in 1991?
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Which of these is NOT an Armani fragrance?
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What fragrance did Armani introduce in 1999?
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Who wore a $100,000 Armani gown to the 2014 Oscars?
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What color was Anne Hathaway's much-celebrated Armani gown at the 2009 Oscars?
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