Are You Well Traveled?

By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you been around the world? Do you spend your free time planning your next adventure to a new place? Let's find out just how well traveled you are.

How many countries have you visited?

Where is travel on your list of priorities?

How many different cities have you visited in your home country?

Do you have a trip currently planned?

Are you currently on a trip?

How regularly do you watch travel shows on TV?

Have you been to Asia?

Have you been to Europe?

Have you been to the Middle East?

Have you been to Africa?

Have you been to Australia or New Zealand?

Have you been to South America?

Have you been to North America?

How often have you visited Canada, Mexico, and The United States?

How many countries in Europe have you visited?

How many countries in Asia have you visited?

How many countries in South America have you visited?

How many countries in Africa have you visited?

How interested would you be in going to Russia?

How interested would you be in visiting India?

How appealing would it be for you to host a travel show or write a travel blog full-time?

How many languages do you speak reasonably well?

How full is your passport?

How many items in your home are from other places in the world?

How many flights have you been on in the past year?

Have you ever legally driven on the opposite side of the road than what you're used to?

How many time zones have you been in?

Are you part of a frequent flyer program?

Have you ever woke up and you weren't sure which country you were in?

How much of a pro would you say you are at packing a bag for travel?

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