Quiz: Are You the Moon or the Sun?
Are You the Moon or the Sun?
By: Artimis Charvet
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The tales of the sun and the moon are varied throughout history and cultures. Nevertheless, the similarities of the sun ruling the sky and the moon steadfast among the stars are similar in many of them. How do you picture the sun? As a protector? Or as the life of the party? How about the moon? Do you imagine it as a warm cup of tea or a supportive friend? In this quiz, we will provide questions that reveal your likes and dislikes then match the answers to the type of celestial object that describes you best. 

From the Native American Indians to the Aztecs in Central Mexico, and from the Egyptian “Re” to the Greek and Roman “Apollo,” the sun has taken on many different faces. It can be a demon, god, or mischievous spirit, whereas the moon is a calming influence among the stars as well as a calendar for planting and harvesting. Do you see your personality traits in either of these descriptions? Let us help you reveal your inner sun or moon. Take this quiz now, and you may look up in the sky tomorrow and give a knowing wink. Click the button below to start your quiz.  

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