Quiz: Are You Snobby, Introverted or Just Sad?
Are You Snobby, Introverted or Just Sad?
By: Emily Maggrett
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About This Quiz

Snobs, introverts and sad people: sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between them. When you're having a bad day and nitpicking everything in your vicinity, you don't usually feel like analyzing yourself. Instead, you just want to feel better! But it's important to try to understand why you're acting this way so that you can take steps to remedy it. 

Are high standards or perfectionism driving your negative behavior, or are you feeling drained and overstimulated? Has bad news made it hard for you to see the brighter side of life, or are you the kind of person who sees life as a veil of tears?

In this quiz, we'll determine whether you're a snob, introvert or sad person by asking you about your favorite film director, go-to comfort food, ideal blanket, and feelings about the rain. We'll also inquire about your magazine subscriptions, Instagram filters of choice, favorite drink and typical procrastination behaviors. By the end of the quiz, our supercomputer will have calculated your exact degree of snobbishness, introversion or sadness. (There's also a chance you're none of those things and are just goofing off.) Are you ready to find out what's put you in this mood? Stop listening to Joy Division and take this quiz!

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Which of these animals would you want to comfort you?

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Sometimes, nothing lifts a bad mood like some comfort food. What are you craving?

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If you could change anything about your circumstances right now, what would it be?

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Your best friend calls and invites you to a party tonight. What do you say?

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If you could watch any cartoon right now, which one would you pick?

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It's time to wrap yourself in a blanket! What kind will you choose?

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To which of these magazines do you) or would you) subscribe?

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Sartre once said, "Hell is _______." How would you complete this sentence?

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Your boss emails you, asking that you start work on a complex project. How do you procrastinate?

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In your opinion, who's the greatest film director of all time?

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Your mom magically appears and offers to make you any food you want. What do you request?

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Which supervillain do you find the most relatable?

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When you're in a bad mood, which of these authors do you like to read?

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Let's take an Instagram selfie. Which filter matches your vibe?

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