Quiz: Are You Smarter Than a US Marine?
Are You Smarter Than a US Marine?
By: John Miller
Image: U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos

About This Quiz

Uncle Sam wants you … to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)! The ASVAB is a multiple choice test offered to anyone who wants to enlist in the Marines (or other service branches). This sprawling test covers everything from science, to mathematics, to basic physics, mechanic concepts, English skills and a whole lot more. Do you think you can pass the ASVAB and get into the branch of your choice?

The ASVAB is a critical step in any Marine's career. You need a minimum score of 31 to get into the Army or Navy, 32 for the Marines, and because planes are like, complicated, a minimum score of 36 to get into the Air Force, the same score you need for the Coast Guard. Do you think you can pass the ASVAB with the minimum score to make it into the branch you’ve dreamed of?

To pass the ASVAB, you need a basic grasp on a wide range of concepts. You’ll have to prove your understanding of general science, arithmetic, electronics, word and sentence comprehension, electronics and automotive systems and a lot more. One part of the test is computer-based, while the second half is given in written format.

Before anyone hands you a .50-caliber machine gun, they want to know for sure that you understand the purpose of a “safety,” and they’ll be further reassured when you prove you can use that word correctly in a sentence. Take our sample ASVAB quiz now!

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Which of the following clouds are wispy, sparse clouds?
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Shock absorbers are part of which car system?
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Which of the following is NOT a human blood type?
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Which of the following tools help you measure angles?
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How many grams are there in one kilogram?
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Which of the following people is mostly likely to be "duplicitous"?
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The ozone layer is found in which layer of the atmosphere?
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Which of the following planets is closest to the sun?
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Newton’s First Law of Motion essentially describes the the law of _____.
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The Big Bang Theory is used to describe what?
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The vascular system is also called the ______ system.
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Which type of electrical equipment stores an electrical charge?
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Herbivores are animals that primarily feed on which type of food?
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What word describes a symbiotic relationship in which one organism thrives while another suffers?
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Most electrical wire is made from ______.
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What does it mean if you "incinerate" something?
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What carries unoxygenated blood to the heart?
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What kind of trees lose their leaves during one season of the year?
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What sort of structure does DNA have?
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The clutch and drive shaft are part of which vehicle system?
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"Discrete" pretty much means _____
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If you drop two objects of varying mass from the same height -- in an environment with no air resistance -- which object hits the ground first?
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What do you call a sudden burst of energy from one part of the sun's surface?
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Something that's putrid is ____.
26.0 of 30
Which factor causes the seasons to change on Earth?
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If you tolerate something, you _____ it.
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Which of the following is a mineral?
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If you view a pH scale, any number below ____ is considered acid.
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What's the best definition of "imbecilic"?
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