Are You Smart Enough to Name These Disney Characters?

By: Heather Cahill
Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

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Walt Disney created an empire that is still going strong today. It seems that a new character is added to the group almost every day! While their names and faces are all different, they all play an important role in the Disney world. Sometimes, you can even catch a glimpse of characters from other pictures in movies that they normally wouldn't belong in. Commonly, you'll find the famous Mickey Mouse hidden throughout Disney movies.

Everyone has their own favorite Disney character. Maybe you're the type who loves the heroes in a story, or maybe you're a fan of the villains. Disney always has a way of making both very compelling and lovable, even if they are a little bad at heart. But without them, the stories would not be the same. Each character is important to the story that is being told, so even if they aren't your favorite character, you'd definitely notice that they weren't around if they weren't in the film. Could you imagine "Tarzan" without Tantor?

So, do you think you're an expert on the names and faces of the Disney world? You'll have to prove that you can match their names to their faces by taking this quiz!

One of the oldest Disney cartoon stars would be at least 85 years old today if he was real. You may think you know all there is to know about the crazy duck, but did you know that he is also colorblind?

Tarzan's cousin, Terk, is one happy ape. Although she may often seem carefree, there's no doubt that she definitely worries about Tarzan. Everyone needs a good friend like Terk by their side in life.

Ursula is one evil lady who knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants. Just ask Ariel! Ursula had no remorse and was always prepared to get whatever she wanted - even if it meant going against the King's daughter.

The movie we know today as "The Emperor's New Groove" is a heavily retooled version of an unreleased project called "Kingdom of the Sun." That film would have been much different - more of a drama than a comedy. Either way, we still would have had the chance to see Yzma at work.

Kovu was the son of Zira, who was a large influence on him from a young age. Though she taught him to be bad, Kovu was able to rise above and become a lion respected by Simba. It was hard not to love this little lion cub, even when he was considered to be bad.

Princess Anna is the sister of Princess Elsa, both of whom experienced the loss of their parents. Anna was the younger sister, while Elsa was known as a Snow Queen who lived alone so she could harness her powers.

Confined to the bell tower of Notre Dame, Quasimodo's future never looked bright. Thankfully, he was able to show his true heart and make his way out of the awful tower. He's a character that everyone rooted for, hoping that he would get his own happy ending.

Baloo acted like the father figure that Mowgli needed in many ways. Protecting him and teaching him how to live a happy and carefree life, Baloo is loved for his outlook on life. Now we're all able to live by the simple "bear necessities," thanks to Baloo!

Cri-Kee is one lovable bug that was meant to be lucky as well. As it turns out, Cri-Kee was extremely helpful, rather than just lucky. In the movie "Mulan," Cri-Kee the cricket belongs to Grandmother Fa.

Faline and Bambi met as fawns, then grew up and fell in love. Once they fell in love, did you know that the two had twin fawns of their own? The two really deserved their own happy ending!

Part of Captain Hook's crew, Mr. Smee acts as an assistant to the Captain on their ship. Even though he doesn't do much to help his boss, he somehow manages to keep his spot on board.

If you ever had the chance to meet Cheshire Cat, then you'd probably remember that smile for a long time. It even shines when it's in the dark. Maybe he can use his smile as a night light!

Like many of the other dwarfs, Doc has a name that describes him quite well. He does play quite a big role in the pack of seven, often acting as a boss of the other six dwarfs. But couldn't he do something about Sneezy's sneezing?

Angry and bitter about being left with her step-daughter Cinderella, Lady Tremaine only cares about getting her biological daughters noticed. She'll do anything to set them up with a prince or get them a little further in life.

Perdita is a Dalmatian who has 15 puppies of her own, only for that number to grow, with 84 more rescued puppies joining her family. Don't even try to guess how many spots so many Dalmatians might have!

Figaro is best known as the little cat from "Pinocchio." Walt Disney was especially fond of the kitten. It was said to be his favorite character in "Pinocchio," which is why you can now spot him with another famous Disney character, Minnie.

Meeko the raccoon was a companion to Pocahontas. This friendly little guy may not have been loved by everyone, but as long as Pocahontas was happy, he was too. That's why he always did what he could to help her out.

One of Andy's toys in the "Toy Story" movies, Buzz has a big imagination. That's why he truly believed that was real, rather than a toy. Thankfully, Buzz realized that with the right friends by his side he would be just fine as a toy.

You might recognize Flora as a fairy godmother in "Sleeping Beauty." Did you know that Walt Disney's own mother was also named Flora? Unfortunately, she passed away in a home that Walt had bought for her.

Rapunzel is famous for her long flowing locks and also the locked tower that she lived in. "Tangled" was the 50th animated Disney film, making it a great milestone in the company's history.

A great friend to have around, Cogsworth is very important to the Beast. Cogsworth cares for everyone within the castle, even if he is a little mistreated at times. And who knew that a clock's best friend would be a candelabra?

Timothy Q. Mouse may seem like an unlikely friend for an elephant, but when you're in a circus, a mouse might be all you've got. That was at least true in Dumbo's case. Timothy was always there for Dumbo and wanted to protect the little elephant at all costs.

Life was hard for Princess Jasmine, who just wanted to live a life of her own but was forced to live by the rules of others. However, she never had to fear the outside world, as she always had a pet tiger by her side!

Megara is associated with a few different Greek gods. Hades, the god of the Underworld, was someone that she worked for. Later she married Hercules, who treated her properly, unlike her first boyfriend.

Nani was Lilo's big sister and her guardian in "Lilo & Stitch." Though she and Lilo often butted heads, they always found their way back to each other. Stitch the alien also brought the two closer together.

In "Lady and the Tramp," Lady was a Christmas gift to Darling. Lady was a well-mannered pup and at first was put off by Tramp, who lived quite a different lifestyle. But wait - everybody remembers that romantic spaghetti scene!

Mater - full name Tow Mater - is one fun-loving truck, based on a few different types of 1950s trucks. He's from the country and you can tell that he's done his fair share of work. He knows how to "git-R-done."

Copper was a hunting dog in "The Fox and the Hound," so his owner would not have been happy with him being friends with a fox. That didn't stop the little pup who didn't care what anyone thought. He simply cared about his friend.

Even if you don't remember much about the "Robin Hood" character Prince John, you probably remember that he loves to suck his thumb. He's also notorious for his many complaints. Many would argue that he has it good - he is a prince, after all!

Flik is an ant who cares deeply about the good of his colony. Eventually, he gets the chance to help defend against the grasshoppers. Flik luckily gets his happy "Bug's Life" ending, as he so deserves.

Aladar is a kind-hearted dinosaur from the movie "Dinosaur." He was a great ally to the other dinosaurs, who he helped out when they needed him the most. Amazingly, Aladar the iguanadon was raised by lemurs!

Boo is a little girl who gets lost in the world of monsters. While many might underestimate how hard it can be to take care of a child, monsters Sully and Mike take on the difficult task of finding Boo's door and getting her back home.

There's no other turtle like Crush in the ocean. Your typical fun-loving adventurer, Crush took Dory and Marlin on quite the adventure to find Marlin's son, Nemo. His terrifying adventure definitely paid off.

Turning into a bear wasn't the plan for Kenai, but it was his punishment for killing the bear that had killed his brother. Kenai was forced to learn his lesson, which is to show love, the hard way.

You've heard of people saying "when pigs fly," but now they can say, "when dogs talk." Dug can talk, at least in the movie "Up," due to a special apparatus that can read his thoughts and convert them into English.

Princess Tiana got her well-deserved happy ending after getting to marry the prince, or should we say frog, of her dreams. Technically, he was turned back into a human at their wedding, so maybe you can say both!

It's hard not to love Maui, who became a demigod by complete chance. While being tossed into the ocean may not be ideal for most, it paid off for Maui, who the gods seemed to believe in.

EVE is a clean looking robot, quite modern and advanced. In fact, EVE stands for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. She is dedicated to her duties but opens up her mind when she meets WALL-E, the Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class.

Elastigirl is able to stretch in ways that humans should not be able to. This skill can and does come in handy pretty often for her. It would be great for those times when you get in bed and forget to shut off your light!

While he is often known as King Candy, that's not the only name that this character goes by. You might also remember him as Turbo, a character who can hi-jack games. He's a villain you don't want to mess with!

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